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Feet Remain Cold Even After Wearing Socks And Taking Off The Blanket Then…

Cold Feet: Everyone’s condition worsens due to the cold winds in the cold season. Although, warm clothes are used to avoid the weather, but what if there is no relief from the cold even after trying a lot. Actually, the hands and feet of many people remain very cold. They have to use socks and gloves to keep hands and feet warm, but there are some people whose feet are always cold and there is no effect after wearing socks. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to pay attention to it, to ignore it means to invite many serious diseases. If your feet get cold again and again in winter, then know here what are the symptoms of these diseases.

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If someone’s hands and feet remain cold even after the winter weather is normal, then it indicates the problem of diabetes. When there is no blood sugar level control in our body, then the feet remain cold. In such a situation, consult a doctor immediately, if possible, get the sugar checked.

symptoms of anemia

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If your feet often feel cold, then it means that you have anemia. This also happens due to the lack of red blood cells in your body. When our body is deficient in iron, vitamin B12, folate, chronic kidney disease, feet remain cold.

high cholesterol level

If the level of cholesterol in our body becomes high, then it starts blocking the blood vessels. Due to which the blood circulation in the body is not done properly. This also causes the problem of cold hands and feet.

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In thyroid disease, the problem of cold hands and feet of a person suffering from hypothyroid remains. In hypothyroid, the body does not necessarily produce thyroid hormones, due to which many parts of the body are affected.


If you are stressed in any way, your feet can remain cold. According to experts, this is the reason for excessive stress and anxiety. In such a situation, keep yourself stress free, so that you can avoid the risk of many more serious diseases.

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