Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Europa League: Sevilla won the Europa League for the seventh time, defeating Roma; Jose Mourinho…

Sevilla with the title and Jose Mourinho taking out the silver medal
– Photo: Social Media


Spain’s club Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League for the seventh time. Sevilla’s team reached the final for the seventh time and retained their 100% record. Sevilla defeated Italy’s club S. Roma in the title match played in Budapest. Roma’s team reached the final of this tournament after 1991. He had to face defeat for the second time as well.

Roma manager Jose Mourinho reached the final of a European tournament for the sixth time with his team. He had to face defeat for the first time. Mourinho did not accept the silver medal after the defeat against Sevilla. He took the silver medal and threw it towards a fan sitting in the stadium. Mourinho led Roma to victory in the Conference League last year. He did not win a second European title in a row.



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