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Elon Musk Apple Threatened To Withhold Twitter From Its App Store

Elon Musk On Apple: Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and who recently bought Twitter, has now clashed with Tech Giant Apple. Elon Musk made a tweet, after which there was an earthquake in the Tech World. Musk criticized Apple for permissions and strict control over the App Store. He said that the iPhone maker has also threatened to remove the social media platform (Twitter) from the App Store.

Musk has called it dishonest to take Apple’s 30 percent fee through the App Store. A series of tweets from Musk included a meme of a car with his first name on it, rolling onto a highway off-ramp labeled “Go to War” instead of proceeding to “Pay 30%”. Musk also said that Apple has threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store, but did not tell us why.

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‘Content to be posted within the ambit of the law’

Both Apple and Google require social networking services on their App Stores to moderate harmful or abusive content. Describing himself as a supporter of “free speech”, Musk believes that all types of content should be allowed on Twitter within the ambit of the law. He also tweeted that he planned to publish “Twitter files on freedom of speech”, but did not specify what data he had to share with the public.

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Apple CEO tagged

Musk also alleged on Monday that Apple “has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter.” Tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook, he tweeted, “Do they hate free speech in America?”

Elon Musk made many changes in Twitter

Last month Elon Musk bought Twitter and since then he has made a lot of changes in Twitter. After taking full control of Twitter, Musk made massive layoffs and started paid service on Twitter for the first time. With this, now users will have to pay a fee of $ 8 per month for verification. Musk has also planned to make many updates related to the content in Twitter. At the same time, he has also restored the banned accounts on Twitter. The account of former President Donald Trump has also been restored.

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