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Elden Ring Stats Reveal Players Died Over 9 Billion Times Since Launch, Malenia Attempts, and More

Elden Ring celebrated its one-year anniversary last month, and now publisher Bandai Namco has released an infographic detailing player deaths and statistics since launch. As per the chart, players have collectively died over 9 billion times to date, with 69 percent of them coming from NPC/ enemy damage, 15 percent through status effects, and two percent caused by other players (online PvP). Of course, the stats didn’t leave out developer FromSoftware’s wonky platforming mechanics that lead to players falling to their demise, which caused 12 percent of total deaths in Elden Ring. It’s no secret that the Empyrean Malenia, Blade of Miquella was the toughest boss in the game, with the infographic revealing that players have attempted to fight her 329 million times.

According to Bandai Namco, Elden Ring players have initiated 5.9 billion boss battles since launch, with the no. 2 position taken by Margit the Fell Omen — 281 million. While definitely an easy affair on New Game+ and beyond, this boss was a choke point for under-levelled players at first, who instead of exploring the world and upgrading their characters — as they were supposed to — tried to rush through the game. The Limgrave Tree Sentinel trudging outside the Church of Elleh came third with 277 million attempts, while the final boss Radagon of the Golden Order took the fourth spot with 148 million. Its second phase, the Elden Beast attempts don’t really matter here, since defeating Radagon is the only way to reach it — unless you’re using some mods. It’s not surprising to see Starscourge Radahn all the way down in the fifth position — 139 million attempts — given his arena in Caelid is littered with markers to summon NPCs for help.

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The infographic also presents numbers for Elden Ring’s multiplayer component. Co-op summons for help in boss battles took up 88 percent of the summons pie chart, while invasions where players try and ruin another online player’s playthrough merely took up 12 percent. This number and the aforementioned two percent PvP deaths show how tiny of a space PvP features occupy in the colossal Elden Ring. The gravitational Rock Sling was the most used spell in the game, followed by Crystal Torrent, which fires multiple shards of crystal to deal piercing damage. Glinstone Pebble came third, tailed closely by the GreatBlade Phalanx, and then, Rotten Breath, which allows the caster to conjure a plume of decaying gas.

The self-healing Blessing of the Erdtree was the most-acquired Incantation in Elden Ring, followed by the rock-slinging Bestial Sling, which you gain from Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, upon giving him the second Deathroot. The buffing incantation Golden Vow came third, whereas The Flame of Frenzy took the fourth spot, allowing players to inflict madness onto enemies through flames that sprout out of their amber eyes. Bestial Vitality rounded up the fifth spot.

Late last month, with no prior fanfare, FromSoftware announced the first major expansion for Elden Ring — Shadow of the Erdtree, which is currently in development. At the time, we also got a teaser photo for the same, featuring a mysterious blonde figure — presumably, Miquella — riding atop Torrent, our trusty steed in the game. In the far distance, we can also see two trees intertwined, and leaking golden sap.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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