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Diabetes Symptoms Are Different In Men And Women

Diabetes Symptoms In Woman: Diabetes, hypertension are lifestyle diseases. If the lifestyle is not correct, then this disease easily takes home. Diabetes can happen to women, men, children, elderly people. There is a need to be very careful for this. Doctors say that to prevent any disease, it is most important to identify its symptoms. Generally, the symptoms of a disease are sometimes common and sometimes different in men and women. Different symptoms can be seen in women and men regarding diabetes only. There is a need to identify them in time.

First know, what are the symptoms of diabetes

Talking about the symptoms of diabetes, excessive thirst, frequent urination, increased appetite, rapid weight loss, fatigue, irritability, blurred vision, wound healing, skin infection, Includes oral infection. Usually these symptoms are seen in men. However, such symptoms can also be seen in women. But apart from this, other symptoms start appearing.

These symptoms are also seen in women

Doctors say that apart from the common symptoms, diabetic women may also see other symptoms. In this, repeated infections can occur in the vagina. Urinary infection is also seen more. At the same time, diabetic women are 3 to 4 times more likely to have heart problems than men. Irregular periods, the problem of infertility can also be seen.

Harmons can also be affected

Doctors say that diabetes affects women more than men. For this reason, women also need to take more care than men. Hormones produced during pregnancy in women can affect the sugar level in the blood. Apart from this, the risk of problems like heart, depression and anxiety increases in women suffering from diabetes.

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Arrangements should also be made for its prevention on urine infection. If the blood sugar level is close to the border line then utmost care should be taken. During this, avoid eating sugar and its products. Don’t take extra stress. Include exercise and yoga in the daily routine. Drink more water. Do not hold urine for long. If the problem increases, see the doctor immediately.

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