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Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Showcases a Talking Isaac Clark, Overhauled Visuals

Dead Space remake just got a gameplay trailer. Following a tense YouTube countdown, EA Motive finally premiered raw footage for the upcoming space-set survival-horror game — and it’s as haunting as you first remember it from 2008. Built completely from the ground up, the remake revisits the claustrophobic confines of the USG Ishimura ship, as players step into the shoes of the beloved alien hunting engineer, Isaac Clark. Dead Space remake launches January 27, 2023, across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. There’s no word on a last-gen console release.

A distress call kicks off the Dead Space remake gameplay trailer, tasking Clark with getting the mining ship USG Ishimura back online. “Fix the centrifuge. Get the fuel running,” says an unidentified voice over the radio. While a quick repair job is expected, something more sinister appears to be affecting the ship — the engines, hull, and trams have been completely destroyed. The Dead Space trailer then flashes into a montage, highlighting the overwhelmed medical department, whose members now seem to be possessed by a foreign parasite, banging their heads against a wall, losing consciousness, and afflicted by seizures.

To a novice, the Dead Space remake trailer might look like it’s drawing heavy parallels to the upcoming The Callisto Protocol game — thanks to its gritty nature and the bloody survival tips smeared onto walls. But in reality, the original 2008 game was helmed by Glen Schofield, who now leads development on the latter. This means that there are no stolen concepts or odd conspiracies. The Dead Space remake trailer then cuts to show the horrors of an alien invasion — piles of dead bodies, bloody handprints, and an echoing silence that adds to the tension.

We are then treated to a first look at the Necromorph, sporting sharp claws the length of a walking cane, that drops down when Clark least suspects it. As one of the bloody tips from earlier suggested, shooting the creature’s limbs is the best way to slow them down, reducing them to zombie-like creatures that are forced to crawl around on the floor. There are also glimpses of varying forms of combat, as Clark curb stomps Necromorphs, sets them ablaze, and electrocutes them into tiny pieces of grotesque flesh. Also, did I mention that our protagonist is no longer silent?

In its latest developer blog post, EA Motive spoke about Dead Space remake’s presentation, stressing the camera aspect, which draws inspiration from 2018’s God of War. The entire game is touted to play as a single scene, featuring zero cuts, upping the fear aspect to another level. Furthermore, the remake will try modernising the story, with bits of lore picked up from Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, in addition to details from the comic books.

Dead Space remake launches January 27, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Pre-orders are now live across all platforms.

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