Earn Money Using YouTube Videos – Step by Step Guide to Create YouTube Channel

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Create YouTube channel, once you get all the potential of YouTube you can easily create some real money from it. though it is also not easy but with a hard works and dedication nothing is impossible or withstand, creating YouTube channel is easy but to carry on is the real issue, and I really appreciate those who really want to do something in their life, the procedure to create YouTube channel is given below, Read further and implement it carefully.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and a very popular platform. for entertainment and many other domestic purposes; a large number of people is actively using YouTube. Every day millions of people are watching and uploading videos. and the best thing about YouTube is that it is 100% genuine and free to register.

Create YouTube Channel and Monetization Procedure:

In order to create YouTube channel, Your Gmail Account and Your phone number will be required. If you already have a Gmail account you can skip this section and proceed further and if you don’t have you have to create one. Below is the guide to create a new Gmail Account.

Step by Step Guide to Create Gmail Account

  1. At first, make sure that your device is connected with active internet connection, now open your internet browser from your device window and go to the Home page of Google.
  2. Look at the right top corner of your window, you’ll see that a Gmail tag is given, click on that. Or else you can also search it in the Google search engine.
  3. Now click on Create an account at the right top corner of the Gmail sign in Section.
  4. Create account form will be displayed as soon as you click, you’ll have to put your basic information like the first name, last name, date of birth, gender, mobile number to confirm the account etc. to choose your username you’ll have to choose unique email, just type it the respected field and check for the availability, if it is not available Google will automatically suggest you some email address according to your information given. You can also choose those.
  5. Now carefully choose your password, your password should have to be at list 8 digit long for better security reason. Try to make it difficult to guess for better security. To confirm your password you have to again re-enter your password on the box given just below the main password field.
  6. After that select your location from which country you are, and then click on the next step, shown as a blue button at the right corner bottom of the form page.
  7. As soon as you click a CAPTCHA code will appear just for security reason to prove that you are not a hacker robot although you can skip this step and try to verify your account via mobile phone, you can choose voice call as well as text message.
  8. Verify your Gmail account by putting the codes sent to your mobile number.
  9. Once you verified your account, click on the next step button and proceed further. That’s it your Gmail account is successfully created. You can customize your profile page by adding a profile photo or you can also click on the next step to go to your inbox.

Note: memorize your Gmail address and password or note it in your notebook because you will need it later also.

Step by Step Guide to Create YouTube Channel

Now that you have Gmail account, you can easily create a YouTube channel, as YouTube is owned by Google you must have to sign in to your Gmail account. Follow the steps given below

  1. Go to the YouTube website and look for the sign in button at the right top corner of the page, click it and sign in with your Gmail account.
  1. As soon as you sign in you will be redirected to the YouTube homepage of your account, now again look at the right top corner you’ll find that the sign in option is replaced by a blank avatar, that means you are now logged into your YouTube account.
  1. Now click on that avatar, a small menu will be displayed as soon as you click, now look for the create studio in that menu and click. As soon as you click on the create studio a new page will open. It is your dashboard in this page all the details of your YouTube channel will be displayed like, how many videos you have uploaded, how many people have subscribed you, views, comments etc.
  2. At the left side of your dashboard page in the feature section column look for the channel option and click on it, and then select the status and features option from the menu which is opened while you clicked on the channel button.
  3. As your account is new you’ll have to verify your account first, if you want to create YouTube channel.
  4. Look at the top just next to your name a verify button is given, click on it to verify your account.
  5. Now a new page will open and there you have to select your country, after that, you have to choose a medium, whether you want the verification code in a text message or through a call. Chose any according to your wish and then submit your phone number.
  6. A text message with verification code will be sent to your phone number. Submit that verification code in the account verification in the YouTube page. Once you successfully verified your account you can proceed to the further section.

 Monetizing YouTube Account

Now that you have verified your account you can monetize your channel with Goggle advertisements, to do that follow the steps

  1. Now look for the Monetization option in the same page where you have verified your account at the feature section, you’ll have to choose your country location to enable the monetization. Click on the link and you’ll be directed to Advance section, choose your country by clicking on Choose your country location and save it.
  2. Again go to the channel and select the status and features option, you’ll find that an enable button is displayed at the monetization section. Click on the enable button and again click on the enable my account.
  3. As soon as you click on the button a new window will open, there you have to accept the Agreement by ticking all the boxes given.
  4. As soon as you accept the agreement again a new window will open asking what type of advertisements you want to show in your videos. Select any according to your preferences and click on monetize blue colored button.
  5. Now that you have monetized your YouTube channel, you have to link an AdSense account with your YouTube Channel. All your earning will be deposited to your Adsense.
  6. To link, Adsense clicks on the link my account button which is displayed as reminder above.
  7. You’ll be directed to the Adsense page and there sign in to your Adsense account. If you don’t have any Adsense account, click on create an account to create one. Once you sign in.
  8. A new page will open, leave the website section empty, click on I don’t have a website link. A new page will open. Now go back to the page you’ll find that your YouTube channel URL is automatically saved. You can do it manually also by simply copy and pasting your YouTube channel URL in that empty box.
  9. Once done click on the Save and continue to proceed further.
  10. Now you have to put basic information on the given respected fields. Choose the country, a select individual on the account type name and address, phone number etc. It is really important to give the proper address because all your earnings will be sent to the address that you have given.
  11. Now check the entire yes in Adsense Email Preferences and click on the submit button.
  12. Accept the AdSense terms and condition, you’ll be redirected to Your YouTube Account as soon as you click on the agree button.
  13. It may require maximum a week to get approved by Adsense account, they will review all your details first and then send you an email regarding the status of your account.
  14. Once your account is activated you’ll be eligible for advertisements and earn money From YouTube.

Create YouTube channel and start generating revenues If you face any difficulties in the process, inform us. If you find this post helpful, give us a feedback and like our page and subscribe us to get more posts like this. Thank you for reading.

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