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How to create Youtube Channel Complete Tutorial

Create YouTube Channel : In today’s time, YouTube is the most watched platform in the world, here videos related to every subject are uploaded whether it is comedy and whether it is educational video. Everyone can learn a lot by watching the video on YouTube.

by uploading videos on it, millions of people are earning very well from YouTube in today’s time, if you have extra time and skills then you can also earn money from YouTube.

To earn from YouTube, first of all you have to create a channel. Here we will learn how to create youtube channel and how to upload videos on it.

How to create Youtube channel?

Using a Google Account, you can watch videos and like them. Also, you can subscribe to channels. However, no one recognizes you on YouTube until you create a YouTube channel.

Even if you have a Google Account, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or create playlists.

You can create your channel by visiting youTube’s website or mobile site.

What do you need to create a youtube channel?

  1. Mobile
  2. Laptop or Desktop Computer
  3. Gmail ID

if you have all of these, then it is easy to create your own youtube channel.

How to create youtube channel in mobile?

To create a channel that you can only manage using a Google Account, follow these instructions. For YouTube Channel, first you have to create an account on Google.

After creating an account, login to YouTube with your account.

Tap on the profile icon on the right and click on the Settings option.

Now click on the option ‘Create a new channel’.

Now select the option “Use a business or other name”.

Enter your brand name and click on Create option.

After this, you will see the option to write information about the channel being inserted, write about the channel in it.

Check that the information provided for creating the channel is correct (with your Google Account name and photos) and confirm to create your channel.

In the next option you will have a big banner in front of you, remember that banner is the first face of your channel, so make it well.

Now decide the channel’s market ie viewers, how you will put the content on the channel.

After this you can start posting your videos. You can also put up a short trailer about your channel.

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Creating a channel for business or for working under another name

to create a channel that can have more than one manager or owner, follow these instructions.

If you want to use a name on YouTube that is different from the Google Account name, you can link your channel to the brand account. Learn more about brand accounts.

  1. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or mobile site.
  2. go to your channel list.
  3. choose to create a new channel or use an existing brand account:
    • by clicking create new channel, create channel.
    • You can create a YouTube channel for a brand account that you’re already managing. For this, select that brand account from the list. If there is already a channel connected with this brand account, you can’t create a new channel. When you select this brand account from the list, you’ll get to that YouTube channel.
  4. fill in the information to name your new channel. next, click create. this will create your new brand account.
  5. to add a channel manager, follow the instructions to change the channel owners and manager.

when will you start earning from youtube?

Above we learn about creating a youtube channel but how can you make money from youtube channel.

Youtube Monetization Eligibility

  1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies.
    • The YouTube channel monetization policies are a collection of policies that allow you to monetize on YouTube. As a YouTube partner, your agreement including the YouTube partner program policies require compliance with these monetization policies to potentially earn money on YouTube.
  2. Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  4. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  5. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  6. Have a linked AdSense account.

If you meet above all criteria then you can apply for monetization on your channel.


I hope you get all info on how to create youtube channel. If you have any query related to this topics, then you are feel free to leave comment.

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