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Cow Desi Ghee health benefits: Skin, Weight Lose | Side Effects

Cow Desi Ghee health benefits: Skin, Weight Lose – Ghee is not only tasty but also beneficial for health. It is a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, the consumption of which has many amazing health benefits.

Not only science, Ayurveda also considers ghee as one of the most valuable food items.

Ghee is used in almost every food item in some households. It is believed that the use of ghee instead of refined oil is better for health. Ghee not only enhances the taste of food but it is a healthy fat, which has many medicinal properties.

Most people consume ghee with roti, rice or dal, but Ayurveda recommends consuming ghee in the morning on an empty stomach.

Cow Desi Ghee health benefits – Skin, Weight Lose

According to nutritionist Avanti Deshpande, ghee is known to give strength to the body and promote good health. If ghee is consumed regularly in the morning on an empty stomach, it can do wonders. Ghee in Ayurveda is known to reduce the acidic pH of the gastrointestinal tract by improving the functioning of the small intestines.

Poor diet, stress or lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, use of antibiotics are the major causes of unhealthy gut. If you experience any of these problems, now is the time to fix your stomach and start consuming ghee.

Nutritional value of Ghee

Ghee is a calorie-dense food. 100 ml of ghee gives as much as 883 calories of energy.

Ghee is purely fat and has no significant amount of proteins, carbohydrates, sugar or fibre. 100 ml of ghee contains almost 99.8 grams of fat. Most of the fat present in ghee is saturated fat. It also contains cholesterol.

Ghee is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K if the source of ghee is the milk from grass-fed cows. It also contains butyric acid.

Benefits of eating ghee in ayurveda

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  4. ow Desi Ghee health benefits: Skin, Weight Lose | Side Effects

Rich in nutrients

Cow ghee is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E & K that is important in ensuring normal cellular function and growth in humans.

It also contains a wide range of antioxidants that prevents free radical damage in our bodies which is a major cause of cardiac ailments and specific types of cancer.

Including cow ghee in our regular diet is an easy way to augment nutritional needs while protecting ourselves from a variety of diseases caused by a lack of antioxidants.

cleanses the digestive system

Eating ghee on an empty stomach in the morning regularly makes the digestive system healthy and strong. Its consumption can help in avoiding problems like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Gives relief from constipation

Consumption of ghee on a daily basis cures irregular bowel movements and prevents problems like constipation. If you are troubled by chronic constipation, then you should eat ghee on an empty stomach.

Ayurveda advises, eat a spoonful of ghee on an empty stomach in the morning, intestinal toxins will come out.

aids in weight loss

Ghee controls appetite for a long time, thus, it is great for weight loss. It contains gut-friendly enzymes, which help in improving gut health. It also increases bone strength and stamina.

Aids in bone health

In Ayurveda, cow ghee is the most preferred base for preparing any medicine because it can reach the deepest of tissues in the human body and nourish it.

This is why it is also effective in improving bone health by enhancing its strength and density. It relieves joint pains, stiffness by lubricating bones and also helps in alleviating symptoms of arthritis.

Therefore, it’s advisable to consume cow ghee regularly to ensure long term mobility, bone strength and overall conditioning.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-cancer

Ghee has butyric acid, which is an anti-cancer constituent. The antioxidants present in it make it anti-inflammatory.

Ghee does not break into free radicals at a high temperature. Free radicals are responsible for cancer, amongst other diseases. This makes it an ideal medium and a stable fat to cook and fry food in.

Treats Menstrual Problems

Ghee tends to balance the hormones in the body. This makes it an ideal contender if you are looking to relieve yourself of menstrual issues like PMS and irregular periods.

Treats Burns

Ghee is one of the safest dermatological cosmetics. It is skin-friendly and helps treat burns.

Cures Thyroid Dysfunction

Since the usage of ghee results in balancing the hormones, it is instrumental in thyroid dysfunction.

Cow ghee benefits for eyesight

Cow ghee can be used for an activity called ‘Tarpana’. Here a mixture is applied around the eyes, which is made with a chunky paste of flour, and the mixture is filled with herbal ghee.

The individual is asked to open his or her eyes and then close them again and again.

According to ayurveda, this procedure increases and strengthens the power of the eyes and helps in improving eyesight.

An Appetizer

Ghee consumption increases appetite in kids and adults alike. This is another reason to add it to your child’s food.

Enhances Taste

Ghee elevates the taste of any dish that it is added to – a bowl of dal becomes tastier after adding ghee.

Ghee benefits for skin glow on face

Ghee gives you clear and glowing skin. Facial wrinkles and other problems can be cured by its regular consumption. If you are struggling with any facial problem, then you should start eating ghee.

How To Make Ideal Ghee Face Mask For Supple And Glowing Skin:


  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of ghee, 2 tablespoon of besan or haldi and water in a bowl. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
  2. Make sure that the consistency is firm but not dry. If you find the mixture too watery, then add besan or haldi to it.
  3. Mix the paste well and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes; rinse it off with cold water. Repeat thrice a week for best results.

These are some of the most amazing health benefits of cow ghee.

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Cow Ghee Side-Effects & Allergies

Cow Ghee must be avoided by people who are obese or are suffering from any heart disease, kidney ailments, or stomach related problems.

Anyone can have it once or twice a week. Obese or overweight people should avoid it as it may add to their weight and result in making them unhealthier.

Heart patients shouldn’t have it as it may increase the risk of heart attack. This is because it contains fatty acids which increase the blood pressure and make them more prone to such attacks.

People with diseases like jaundice, or those who have some abdominal discomfort should also avoid cow ghee as it may lead to some major problems of the organs.

Origin And Cultivation of Cow Ghee

The origin of ghee is listed in Indian Vedas and epics, that link the ghee-making to the 3rd century BC. Ghee is the most commonly used dairy product in India.

The production of Ghee is not just confined to the Indian subcontinent only. Several other countries also make ghee. For example, people living in Egypt make a product identical to ghee which is known by the term Samna Baladi, which means “countryside ghee”.

The process of making Samna Baladi is similar to that of ghee in terms of method and outcome, however, they commonly make it from buffalo milk instead of cow milk. Ghee is also exported to various other parts of the world which includes some African and Asian countries, Australia, Armenia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, United States and New Zealand.

How to make ghee at home?

  • Delicious and healthy ghee can be prepared using full fat or heavy cream. You can either buy it from the stores or collect the thick cream that settles on top of the milk.
  • Take around 2 cups of heavy cream and add around 1 tablespoon of curd to it. Leave it outside for around 7 to 8 hours.
  • Then refrigerate the cream for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Add cold water to this cream and blend in the food processor, till butter separates leaving buttermilk behind. You can use this buttermilk for various purposes.
  • Remove the butter and wash it well twice or thrice. Then keep this butter for heating
  • When the butter starts boiling, keep stirring occasionally. The liquid portion will gradually evaporate and milk solids will settle at the bottom of the pan.
  • The remaining golden yellow liquid is ghee. Once it cools down, strain it to remove the milk solids.
  • Store the ghee in a closed container.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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