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Boxing Championship: Once upon a time there was fear of punches, now those punches have become strength, know…

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Preeti was interested in studies, she had no interest in sports, but there was an atmosphere of sports in the house. Uncle Vinod became a national level boxer. What was it then, one day Vinod told his elder brother and Preeti’s father Somveer to get his daughter started boxing. This is about 2017. Preeti opposes this, she is afraid of punches, will get hurt, but seeing the desire of uncle and father, she goes ahead with the game. He was started preparations for boxing in Rohtak. When she used to come home after training, there was pain in her hands and feet.

Preeti tells that one day her ASI father in Haryana Police explained that if she won a medal for the country then her name would be there. They will get respect and will also get a job. After this, it settled in Preeti’s mind that she has to continue this game. This is Preeti’s second and first senior world championship at the senior level. Preeti says that in 2019 she played the junior state championship and after that she started enjoying the game. Preeti is coached by her uncle Vinod.

Preeti’s punches stopped the bout

In the 54 kg weight category of the World Boxing Championships, Preeti easily defeated Hungary’s Lakotar Hana. Hana had no answer to Preeti’s punches. His left hooks landed on Hana’s face multiple times. The referee counted twice against him. With just 10 seconds left in the second round, the referee stopped the bout. Preeti will play Lonita in the next round.



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