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Boxing Championship: Jasmine 83, the first woman boxer to go to the army…

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Jasmine of Haryana, the country’s first woman boxer to go to the army, has made a bang in the World Women’s Boxing Championship. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games bronze medalist pummeled Tanzanian Nyambega Ambose in just 83 seconds in the 60-weight category. Jasmine landed so many punches from the beginning of the bout that the referee had to stop the fight in the first round. On the other hand, Shashi Chopra of Haryana started with a win in the 63 weight category. She defeated Kenya’s Mwangi Wanjiru 5–0, but the country suffered its first defeat in the championship when Zhou Pen of China defeated Shruti Yadav 0–5 in the 70 weight category.

The referee stopped the bout twice

Jasmine recently joined the army and has also started training at the Army Sports Institute Pune. The referee had to stop the match before Jasmine even started sweating. Jasmine’s punches forced the count to be stopped twice as soon as the bout began. The referee stopped the bout on the third occasion.

Adopted the army with the inspiration of grandfather

Jasmine had job opportunities in other institutes, but she chose the army. Jasmine tells that her grandfather was in the army. He saw from his childhood through his grandfather what is the discipline of the army. Not only this, she used to listen to the heroic stories of the army through her grandfather. This is the reason that when the proposal to join the army came in front of him, he happily accepted it. Jasmine suffered a shoulder injury in October last year, due to which she did not play in the national championships and then contracted typhoid. When she was making a comeback, she had to be embroiled in controversies before the World Championships. In his weight, Poonam Poonia had taken refuge in the court challenging the selection.

Shashi Raas comes in new weight category

Kenya’s Wanjiru could not give any competition to Shashi Chopra playing in the new weight category 63 kg. The judges ruled in his favor in all three rounds. Shashi’s footwork was excellent and his punches were strong. Shashi focused on his fitness. Shashi said that she was a bit slow when she was in the 60 weight category, but her speed has increased instead of decreasing by coming in more weight. Sanamacha was brought into the team at the last minute due to an injury to Chanu. Shruti Yadav could not challenge China’s Zhou Pen.



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