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America Temperature In Winter Arctic Winter Storm America Winter After…

Arctic Winter Storm: America is facing the wrath of cold these days. The weather here is such that the water has frozen in the pipes, it has become difficult for people to come out of their homes. The temperature is continuously going down in Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA. The government has issued a wind-chill weather warning to 16 million (about 15 million) people living in 6 states including New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

America’s National Weather Service said that this deep freeze weather may last for a short time, but the numbing cold winds will pose a danger to people. Schools in Boston and Worcester have been closed due to severe cold weather.

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Emergency declared in Boston

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a state of emergency on Sunday and opened warming centers to help the city’s residents. The National Weather Service has warned that this is the coldest winter of this generation. In the city of Boston, everything got disturbed due to cold and people are forced to stay in their homes.

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The temperature here is -39 degree Celsius

Bob Orweck of the US Weather Service said that early Friday, Arctic winds blowing from eastern Canada into the US were concentrated over the US plains. Cabetogama, Minnesota, on the Ontario border, recorded minus 39 degrees Celsius and was the coldest place in the US. At the same time, National Weather Service scientist Brian Hurley said that -40 temperature occurs in several decades.

Mercury can fall even more

Brian Hurley said that the temperature in the northeast of Mount Washington State Park was minus 45 degrees Celsius on Friday evening. At the same time, the air temperature in Canada’s Northern Arctic Weather Station Eureka was recorded minus 41 degree Celsius on Friday morning. Whereas in Boston, Saturday’s day temperature was -8 and night temperature was -20 degree Celsius. It has been estimated that in the coming time in America, mercury may fall further.

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