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Zakir Naik India Asked To Not Let Zakir Naik Visit In Oman As He Is Wanted…

India on Zakir Naik: The Government of India is continuously tightening its noose on fugitive Zakir Naik. In this sequence, India has asked the Oman government not to allow Zakir Naik to visit the country. An extradition request against him is still pending with the Malaysian government. In fact, two programs of Zakir Naik are to be held in Oman on 23 and 25 March. India has talked to the Oman government regarding this.

Quoting sources, it is also being said that at present Zakir Naik is not in Oman. It was a matter of few years ago when when action started on controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik in India, he left the country and started living abroad. First he went to Britain where because of his behavior the government banned his entry. Then Zakir turned to Malaysia. He has made Malaysia his base for the last three years.

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Red corner notice against Zakir

The Government of India has been after Zakir Naik for a long time. Even before Zakir was booked for sedition in India and Red Corner notice was issued, he left the country and fled to Malaysia and started living in a VIP area with government offices and residential buildings there.

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What did the Ministry of External Affairs say?

Zakir Naik was once seen in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. At that time a statement of the Ministry of External Affairs came out, in which it was said that he is a fugitive. We are also continuously talking to Malaysia to bring him back to India. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said, “Zakir Naik is an accused in our legal system. We are making constant efforts to get him extradited from Malaysia.” He further said that India raised the issue of Naik’s invitation to the FIFA World Cup in front of Qatar. In response, Qatar said that it had not invited Naik.

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Along with this, Bagchi claimed that the government will continue to try to bring Naik to India. Please inform that Naik left India in 2016 and went to Malaysia. India has requested his extradition from Malaysia.

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