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Your First Aid Box Should Have These Necessary Items So That When Required…

First aid box is such a small box that can save a person’s life when needed. At home, if a person has problems like injury, minor cuts, headache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., we usually give first aid to that person at home instead of going to the doctor. This kit is in a way like a doctor in the emergency ward, which is very useful when needed. It is very important to keep the first aid kit updated. It should not happen that years old medicines are kept in it and the same are being given to the needy when needed. Today, through this article, we will tell you what essential medicines should be there in the first aid box. Also, how should be your first aid box. Here the box does not mean the stuff kept inside it but the outer structure.

so be the box

First aid box should always be clean and waterproof. It should not happen that the medicines kept in the box get spoiled by coming in contact with water-sun or any other. Therefore, while choosing the box, keep in mind that it should be waterproof. Also the box should be small and light.

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Must be all these things

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There must be a thermometer in the first aid box to measure fever. Along with this, since the corona virus, the pulse oximeter meter must also be kept in this box.
If there is a slight injury in the house or to a person, then it is necessary to have antiseptic cream in the box.
– In this box there must be a bandage to stop the small injury or blood flow in the hands and feet
– Make sure to keep cotton ie cotton ball in the first aid box. Through this you will clean and bandage the injured person.

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pain killers

First aid box should contain all important pain killer medicines related to headache, stomach pain, joint pain, swelling etc. For this, you can also take the advice of your doctor. Also keep medicines related to upset stomach, indigestion, indigestion and gas in it.

Also keep anti allergic medicines, anti fungal cream, aloe vera gel etc. in this box.
For seasonal cold and fever, you can also keep balm or vaporb in it.
Apart from this, you must also keep heating bags, ice bags, scissors, cotton, buds, pins, safety pins, etc. in the first aid box.

Pay attention, keep checking the date of medicines from time to time and replace the expired medicines by removing them from the kit.

First aid kit can vary according to need. If the first aid kit for the house is different then the same, the first aid kit for the person driving on the vehicle will be different.

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Must teach children to give first aid

It has often been seen that elders of the house do not give information about first aid to the children, which is wrong. Make sure to inform your children about the medicines kept in the first aid kit and how to give them. Because it can reduce the risk of loss of life or loss of life of a person in need.

Notes: The information given in this article is internet based. Before implementing this, definitely contact the expert.

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