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Yogurt In Winters: सर्दियों में दही का सेवन क्या है सही डिसीजन, जानें इससे…

Myths About Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the most favorite things eaten in our homes. The pleasure of eating it while eating it is different. But along with food, curd is also a storehouse of many nutrients. It also contains many vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for our health. It also helps in the digestion of the body. Although its effect is cold, that’s why people refrain from eating it in the winter season. Parents also worry that their child might get cough and cold. This is the reason why eating curd is stopped in most of the houses during the winter season. But do you know that curd can do harm in winter, it is a myth. Experts themselves say that curd should be consumed in the winter season. There are many other such myths regarding curd. Let us tell you the truth of these myths.

Myths associated with curd 
1. cold and cough
Curd is the best thing to eat during winters. It contains probiotic and vitamins which make your immune system better in any season. But consume it at room temperature.
2. Curd should not be eaten at night
Curd can be a good side dish in dinner. In fact it is quite relaxing. It helps in the release of an amino acid called tryptophan in the brain which Calms the mind and helps to think clearly. In fact, tryptophan allows your neurons to recharge easily.
 3. Lactating mother should avoid curd 
Only nutrients from mother’s milk will reach the baby and it will not cause any cold or infection because mother’s milk is rich in immunoglobulins. Curd is rich in Lactobacillus as well as vitamins and proteins which boost your immune power. Raita or curd rice is consumed by lactating mothers to fulfill the calcium requirement and good quality protein.
 4. Children should avoid eating curd in winter
Yogurt is an excellent immunity builder, has anti-inflammatory properties and also increases WBC synthesis. Hence, children should be inspired to eat curd in any form, but make sure it is at room temperature and not in the refrigerator. If curd is not there at room temperature then children may get cold.
5. Avoid yogurt if trying to lose weight
Intake of healthy fatty acids is equally important for weight loss. Consumption of curd made from low-fat milk or skimmed milk will not increase fat in your body and you will not become obese. Apart from fat, curd is also rich in calcium, vitamin D, potassium and protein which makes it better absorbed  Makes a good combo of nutrients for. 
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