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Yoga For Covid-19 Recovery Yoga Will Increase Your Body Strength Yoga For…

Yoga Helpful During Covid Recovery: Yoga helps a lot in keeping the body healthy. When gyms were closed during the Corona period, people resorted to yoga to maintain fitness. Doing yoga not only keeps the body healthy, but yoga also makes you mentally strong. If you are recovering from Kovid-19 infection, then in this situation do yoga for faster recovery and to get the lost strength of the body. After recovering from corona, there is a lot of weakness in the body. In such a situation, instead of exercising, after recovering, try to bring your lifestyle back on track with light yoga. With yoga, you can get your strength back and fill new energy in yourself. Let us know which yogasanas you should do for strength.

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1- Dandasana- You can do Dandasana at the time of recovery from Corona. By doing this asana, all the parts of the body come in balance and the efficiency of the digestive organs increases. Muscles get stronger and stamina also increases.
2- Adho Mukha Savasana- You can do this easy too. This helps in maintaining physical and mental energy. This asana increases blood flow to the brain and removes fatigue.
3- Diaphragmatic Breathing- There is a lot of weakness during recovery from corona, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. In this disease, the lungs are the most affected, in such a situation, there is breathlessness in doing some work. Diaphragmatic breathing is a good exercise for this. This improves the function of the lungs.
4- Upavistha Konasana- You can do this exercise. This increases the flexibility of the body. This yoga asana helps in stabilizing the mind and improving blood circulation. It is also beneficial for calming the nervous system.
5- Supta Virasana- By doing this yoga asana, the body becomes flexible. This helps to relieve tension and get rid of stiffness. You will get strength by doing this asana at the time of recovery from corona.

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