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Yoga Benefits Of Sitting In Murga Pose

Benefits Of Sitting In Murga Pose: In childhood, you must have been punished for being a rooster at some point or the other. Sometimes the teacher must have given you this punishment in school and sometimes the parents must have given this punishment for doing some mistake. Then you must be thinking that it is such a shame to be a cock, that too in front of the whole class. Now you should also know its benefits because becoming a cock is also an asana of yoga which is also known as Murgasana. It is very beneficial for the body and it has a very good effect on health (Yoga Benefits).

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Here we will tell you today the benefits of Murgasan.

beneficial in air removal

Performing Murgasan is very beneficial in expelling air. If there is good circulation of air from the body, then the body also remains healthy and does not catch diseases.

beneficial in blood circulation

By doing Murgasan, the blood circulation to your body is correct. By doing this, there is a stretch in the muscles of the back, which increases the blood circulation of the body, which keeps the body healthy.

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beneficial for eyes

The eyes are greatly benefited by doing Murgasan. By doing Murga Asana daily, the eyes remain fine, because it improves blood circulation around the eyes. Those who have more trouble in the eyes, they should do Murgasan for some time daily. It is very effective for healing the eyes. Along with this, the mind also remains calm by doing this.

able to increase thinking power

Murgasan enhances our thinking ability. That is why teachers make us cock so that with this cock posture, the mental capacity of the students increases and they can find their purpose in life.

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Murgasan brings glow on the face

By doing Murgasan, there is a flow of blood in the face and there is an increase in the brightness of the face. It makes you look agile, and maintains the glow on your face.

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