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XI Jinping Hong Kong Visit High Alert In Hong Kong All You Need To Know

XI Jinping Hong Kong Visit: President of China Xi Jinping (XI Jinping) Can visit Hong Kong on Thursday. In fact, on Thursday, the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to Communist China is being celebrated. A grand ceremony is being organized on this occasion.

Tight security arrangements have been made there before Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong. Parts of the city have been cordoned off and some journalists have been barred from attending the function. However, officials have cited the corona epidemic and security reasons as the reason for stopping the media.

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first visit after corona

Let us tell you that after the wave of Corona in January 2020, this will be Xi Jinping’s first visit outside the country. The news agency Xinhua informed that he will also attend the swearing-in ceremony of the government formed for the sixth time in Hong Kong.

Highest-ranking government officials accompanying Xi Jinping during the visit have been ordered to conduct daily PCR tests, limiting their social contacts.

Police is ready to prevent protests during Xi’s visit

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The police force is ready to ensure that there is no demonstration during Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong. The National Security Police has arrested at least nine people in the last one week.

One of Hong Kong’s opposition groups, the League of Social Democrats, said it would not protest on July 1 after talks with national security officials. Let us tell you that every year peaceful rallies are taken out in Hong Kong on the anniversary of giving the country in the hands of China.

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What is the history of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is currently under the control of China. Hong Kong was handed over to China on July 1, 1997, after being under British rule for 156 years. At present, Hong Kong is a country running under two policies. Most of the decisions here are taken by the government here, but the decisions related to foreign affairs and defense matters are taken by the Chinese government.

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