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Wrestling: UWW angry over the detention of Indian wrestlers, timely…

Police taking wrestlers into custody
– Photo: Social Media


The United World Wrestling (UWW) on Tuesday condemned the detention of India’s top wrestlers during a protest at Jantar Mantar and warned that the Wrestling Federation of India will be suspended if elections are not held within the stipulated time. The UWW said it was watching the wrestlers’ protest against outgoing Wrestling Federation of India president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

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“For several months, we have been concerned about the situation in India where wrestlers have been protesting against the President of the Wrestling Federation of India alleging harassment and exploitation,” it said in a statement. We have seen that the WFI president was sidelined at the very beginning and is no longer looking after the affairs of wrestling.

The UWW said, “The developments of the last few days are more worrying as the wrestlers were temporarily detained by the police because of the protest. Their protest venue was also evacuated. We condemn the detention of wrestlers. Apart from this, they also express their disappointment when the results of the investigation are not yet available. We request the concerned authorities to conduct a fair and thorough investigation into the matter.

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It said, “We will speak to the wrestlers regarding their status and safety and are in favor of a fair and just resolution of their grievances.”

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UWW said, “Finally we want information from IOA and ad-hoc committee regarding the next general body meeting. The time limit of 45 days given for the election should be respected. WFI can be suspended if elections are not held within it so that players will play under neutral flag.



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