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Wrestlers Protest: Wrestlers were prevented from sitting in the audience in the IPL match, …

Wrestlers Protest
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Wrestlers protesting against the allegations of sexual harassment against Indian Wrestling Association President and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh reached the Arun Jaitley Stadium to watch the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals on Saturday. The wrestlers had five tickets for the match and wanted to narrate their fight peacefully while sitting among the spectators at the stadium, but were stopped by the Delhi Police from sitting among the spectators. After this Sakshi Malik, Bajrang, Vinesh returned.

Virender Sehwag stopped at the gate

Apart from Vinesh, Bajrang, Sakshi and her husband Satyavrat Kadian, stage operator of the dharna Mandeep had tickets for gate number eight to 10. When they were entering towards the stadium. During that time the police stopped them. First the police stopped them from entering the stadium. On this Bajrang said that we have tickets, you cannot stop us from watching the match. The police remained confused for a while. After this, police officer Sanjay Kumar Jain took the five people to Virender Sehwag Gate. There he proposed to him that he would show him the match sitting in the cabin with all due respect. On this, the wrestlers said that they would watch the match sitting among the spectators in the stadium. The police did not agree to this. After this the wrestlers returned.

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Asked to sit in the cabin and show the match

When the wrestlers were returning, the police told them that they would take them to see the match. Vinesh told Amar Ujala that his aim was not to spread unrest by sitting among the spectators in the stadium. They just wanted to sit and watch the match peacefully. Vinesh said that he had five tickets. The police kept all the tickets with them and asked them to sit in the cabin to watch the match, but they had to watch the match sitting among the spectators. On the other hand, Delhi Police officer IPS Sanjay Kumar Jain said that they could not take any kind of risk. He was ready to show the match to the wrestlers, but he had five tickets and wanted to take others with him. They couldn’t do that.

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Wrestlers going to religious places

For the past few days, the wrestlers sitting on dharna have been narrating their struggle by visiting the religious places of Delhi, Hanuman Mandir, Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, Rajghat. In the same direction, he reached the stadium to watch the match today.



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