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World’s Oldest Tortoise Jonathan Turns 190 Years Birthday Celebration In St…

World Oldest Tortoise Birthday: Jonathan has already been officially announced as the oldest tortoise on Earth. Its age is 190 years. Guinness World Records has given it the title of oldest turtle. Jonathan is a giant tortoise from Seychelles. It was born shortly after Napoleon died and is now officially the oldest living animal on Earth. Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise is celebrating his 190th birthday in San Helena in the far south Atlantic. Many programs are being organized on his birthday.

The local administration does not have any authentic document regarding the birth of Jonathan. However, its age can be much more than this. At the local level, it is believed that Jonathan was born in 1832. Jonathan lives a comfortable life in retirement at Plantation House, the official residence of the Governor of St. Helena. Along with this, three more elderly turtles live here, named David, Emma and Fred. It is said that the first photograph of Jonathan was taken in 1838.

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Preparations for Jonathan’s birthday

Several programs will be organized throughout the weekend, including the release of a special postage stamp on her birthday in St. Helena. On Sunday, one of Jonathan’s favorite foods will be celebrated with a birthday cake. According to his caregivers in an interview given to AFP in 2017, Jonathan especially likes carrots, lettuce, cucumber, apples and pears.

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News Reels

Despite Jonathan being so old, even today his inclination is seen towards a female turtle named Emma, ​​who is around 50 years old. Then-governor Lisa Phillips said that Jonathan still preferred the company of female turtles and that she had heard him several times in the paddock with Emma. The Governor explains that Jonathan still seems to be in love with Emma and sometimes plays with friends.

witness to many changes

Earlier this year, Jonathan was awarded the Guinness Records title as the world’s oldest living animal and was also named the oldest tortoise ever.

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Jonathan’s main caregiver, retired veterinarian Joe Hollins, said he is a local star. It has witnessed many changes while living here. World wars before it, the rise and fall of the British Empire, many governors, kings and queens who have passed away. These are quite extraordinary. It is still here, enjoying life. Not only this, the officials of St. Helena have already planned its demise, under which Jonathan’s shell will be preserved for posterity.

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