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World Women’s Boxing: Preeti did a reversal, the top seeded boxer…

Preeti Sai Pawar
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Haryana’s Preeti Sai Pawar, playing her second tournament at the senior level, on Saturday pulled off one of the biggest upsets in world boxing by entering the pre-quarterfinals. In the 54 weight category, Preity defeated top seed and 2022 World Championships silver medalist Lacramioara Perijock of Romania 4-3 in a review. On the other hand, Haryana’s Birmingham Commonwealth Games gold-winner Neetu in 48 weight category and Manju Bamboriya in 66 weight category made it to the last-16 by registering a resounding victory.

Determined to prove herself, Preeti came down

Preeti knew that she was going to play against a famous boxer. Preeti, who was dragged to court over her selection ahead of the championships, said she wanted to prove herself through this bout. She had come thinking it to be a complete game of Perijok. In the first round, Preeti played to the best of her ability and won the round 3-2, but in the second round, Perijok came back to make it 2-3 in her favour.

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In the third round, Indian coach Dimitrak asked Preeti to change her strategy. Perizok was under constant attack. He asks Preeti to counter punch. Preeti did the same. She held her ground against Perijok’s attack, but when she got her chance, she landed counter punches to score points. The contest was very close. Revised it under the new rules. Apart from the five judges, the score of the supervisor and supervisor was also added which went 4-3 in favor of Preeti.

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Neetu won in less than two minutes

Neetu was up against Asian Championships bronze medalist Doeyon Kang of Korea, but less than two minutes into the first round, the referee stopped the fight before Neetu’s punches. Neetu rained aggressive punches from the start. The referee had to stop the fight twice to count. Neetu said that she had come expecting a tough competition, but it was over very quickly. Neetu, who was dragged to court over selection ahead of the championships, said there was no pressure on her. She was only focusing on her practice. Neetu said she is currently playing in the 48 weight category, but will move to the 50 weight category later for the Olympics.

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Kara of New Zealand could not give competition to Manju

Manju, playing her second world championship, defeated Kara Wharreau of New Zealand 5-0 in the 66 weight category. Kara, who came to play on her own after withdrawing the name of the team, tried to give Manju a fight, but Manju’s straight punches easily let the match go in her favor. Manju said that being her first bout, she was a bit nervous, but now she is familiar with the ring and the crowd. In the next round, she has to play against Uzbekistan’s boxer. Manju says that she could not do well in her first World Championship of 2019, but this championship is being held at home, so she will leave no stone unturned here.



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