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World Trade Organization Ministerial Meeting In Geneva India Will Raise Issue Of Subsidy On Food

WTO Ministerial Meeting: The 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization will begin in Geneva, Switzerland from today. The ministerial meeting will focus on important issues related to vaccines, food security and fisheries. Which will have an impact on the citizens of India, their livelihood and the economy of the country. Developed countries are opposing giving subsidy to poor farmers and fishermen, while India is adamant. India has the support of about 81 out of 164 countries participating in the conference, which has further strengthened India’s strength. In this meeting, India will raise the issue of a permanent solution to its food security concerns. Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal will lead the Indian delegation in the meeting.

Issues like food security and vaccines in poor countries will be discussed in the conference. At the same time, the issue of subsidy on illegal and uncontrolled fishing will also be discussed. Apart from this, the proposal for export of food grains purchased for food security will be discussed. A few years ago, the World Trade Organization (WTO) proposed measures to boost global trade. But it has changed a lot in the last 4 years. The reason for this is the slow moving economy.

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discussion on grain security

India has already sent a letter to the World Trade Organization asking it to allow exports from its reserves. This means that India mainly buys food grains from farmers at high rates and gives it cheaply to the poor people of the country. However, many of these tonnes do not reach storage, due to which the grain gets spoiled. At the same time, most of the grains procured by the government mainly consist of wheat and rice. In such a situation, India is demanding that we should be allowed to export them. It is a different matter that at present India has banned the export of wheat, because the effect of the war in India and the ongoing war between Ukraine is beginning to be felt. But still India will discuss it. At the same time, many developed countries are opposing food subsidies, so India is in favor of giving grants.

India in favor of subsidies on fisheries

Some important decisions regarding fisheries can also be taken in the ministerial conference. Subsidies for fishing will prove to be a big topic of discussion in this conference. Some countries believe that subsidies for fishing should be regulated and this could be decided in this conference. However, India strongly opposes it. India says that the grant to small fishermen should continue. India says that just as food is subsidized for food security, fishing is also subsidized, which should continue. Fish meal is also an integral part of the lives of many people globally. Similarly, many countries agree that subsidies should be controlled. However, developing countries are staunch opponents. They say that the grant should be permanent.

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IPR of vaccine will be discussed

India, South Africa, America and the European Union will meet in the WTO Forum. In this, mainly the IPR of the vaccine i.e. patent exemption will be discussed. A year and a half ago, India and South Africa proposed to relax the patent in the epidemic. However, pharmaceutical companies in the US and the European Union disagree. He says that a lot of money and research is spent in this. If this happens, then from where will the money spent on them come in the future and who will repay the money spent. That’s why it’s not acceptable for companies in the EU and the US, and so it will be discussed. It will be known only after discussing this issue whether the Kovid vaccine will be available cheaply to developing countries other than India or not. Also, today the most need of vaccine is in poor countries where research facilities are not available. Whether the vaccine of these poor countries will be available or not depends on what is decided on India’s efforts in this conference.

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reform of the world trade organization

The World Trade Organization seeks to resolve trade disputes between several countries. How can rules and regulations be tightened or changed quickly? This can be discussed in the conference.

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