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World NGO Day 2023: Support given to the needy and helpless, these are the five…

World NGO Day 2023: Today World NGO Day is being celebrated. NGO means non-governmental organization. NGO is an organization working for the help of the helpless section of the society and the needy. It is an organization that does not work for the government or any businessman, nor does it aim to make any kind of profit, but works for the purpose of public service. It is the work of the NGO to help the needy, to support the poor destitute in their sorrow and pain. People working in NGO can be people belonging to any section of the society. On the other hand, when a person does social service on a personal level apart from the organization, then he is called a social worker. There have been many such noble personalities in India who became NGOs in their own right. Many Indian women helped the poor, destitute people by making special contribution in the field of social service. On the occasion of World NGO Day, know about five philanthropist women of India, whose contribution to human service will always be remembered.

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Sindhutai Sapkal

Sindhutai Sapkal of Maharashtra became the mother of thousands of orphans. He gave shelter to poor and orphan children sitting on the railway station, footpath. He himself begged on the streets to fill his stomach. By becoming the mother of 1400 children, Sindhutai Sapkal became Mother Teresa of Maharashtra. Sindhutai Sapkal has received more than 700 awards.

Aruna Rai

Political and social activist Aruna Rai, when she was working in the Indian Administrative Service, made a lot of efforts to improve the lives of the poor people of Rajasthan. Later, on 6 April 1995, a movement was organized in Beawar, Ajmer, for the implementation of the Right to Information Act. Aruna Rai’s role was important in making employment guarantee and right to information law. Apart from this, Aruna Rai was also the founder of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan. Aruna Roy was honored with many awards including Magsaysay Award and Mewar Seva Shri.



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