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World Cancer Day Never Ignore This One Sign On Your Nail

World Cancer Day 2023: When we think of cancer, we often overlook the simple signs and this is where the problem begins. Some symptoms of any type of skin cancer are minor like scars, moles, skin lesions on the skin. When it comes to our skin and nails, we are very easily swayed but there are so many things they can tell you. Doctors warn that a simple dark line on your nail could be a sign of melanoma. Yes, cancer can also grow inside the nails. Today in this article, we will tell you about these symptoms on the nails which need immediate attention.

Cancer can also grow inside the nails

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Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in and around skin cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for producing melanocytes which in turn make melanin, which gives color to the skin, hair and eyes. Generally, it is believed that the first and foremost sign of skin melanoma is a mole, but did you know that your nails can also tell a lot about your health? Your nails indicate health. Yellow nails can be a sign of iodine deficiency while hangnails can be a sign of calcium levels. If you have a dark line on your nail or a dark spot on your nail, it could be an early sign of melanoma. The patch is often so deep that it is difficult to hide.

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It is important to recognize these signs in time

Melanoma or nail melanoma is a risky type of cancer that affects 1-3% of the population worldwide. These mostly occur in people between the age of 40 to 70 years. It can occur on fingernails as well as toenails. Sometimes, the dark colored patch may spread from the nail to the skin as well and may also take on darker shades like brown, blue. This is also a common symptom that occurs when the tumor grows and the cancer spreads. Due to the change in color and texture of the nails, they are often spread in the form of a fungal infection. If the melanoma continues to grow, it can cause bleeding in the nail.

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