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world aids vaccine day 2022 symptoms cure and causes

World AIDS Vaccine Day, also known as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. This day is celebrated every year on 18 May. This program is celebrated to spread the information about AIDS vaccine to the doorsteps. The purpose of this special day is to increase awareness among people about the prevention of AIDS and its vaccine.

According to the doctor, if the HIV virus is very much spread, then if a person suffering from AIDS does not take medicines, then he can live only for 3 years. But the right treatment and healthy lifestyle can give a long life. Everyone knows about the HIV/AIDS virus that is deadly. But one should also be aware of its symptoms. Know here the causes, symptoms and methods of prevention of HIV/AIDS-

Causes of HIV/AIDS

By sexual relations: According to the WHO, a person can become infected by having sex with an infected person. The person’s blood, semen or vaginal discharge enters your body.

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By Blood: The WHO says that even though HIV is not transmitted through air, water or insect bites, there are several ways in which it can be spread. In the cases of many patients, it has also been seen that the AIDS virus is also transmitted through blood transmission.

By using needles: According to the World Health Organization, the HIV virus can still be spread if a needle that has been injected into an infected person and then used on an uninfected person. Therefore, whenever you want to use a needle, you should always use a new one.

HIV/AIDS Symptoms

According to the WHO, the first symptoms of the HIV virus begin to appear between 2 and 6 weeks. During this, the patient may have problems like headache, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, dry throat, muscle pain, swelling, red rash on the chest and fever. The initial symptoms of HIV last 1 to 2 weeks, like the flu.

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Sometimes there are no flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue all the time, swelling around the throat, fever for more than 10 days, night sweats, inexplicable weight loss, purple spots on the skin, frequent breathing Symptoms such as diarrhea for a long time, yeast infection in the mouth, throat or genitals of women, and excessive bleeding on a minor injury.

The advanced and final stage of the HIV virus is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). This happens when the number of CD4-T cells in your body falls below 200. In this the patient can be saved from AIDS. AIDS Defining Illness causes diseases like Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Pneumonia.

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According to the WHO, this disease is treated with antiretroviral therapy, so that the effect of the virus in the body can be reduced. In antiretroviral therapy, AIDS patients have to take pills daily. Daily use of medicines irritates people, as well as patients sometimes forget to take medicine.

Treatment of HIV through Ayurveda: Researchers from the German Research Center for Environmental Health have claimed to eliminate the AIDS virus from geranium, which is also called kashaymool vanaspati in Ayurveda. With the help of this plant, it is claimed to stop the HIV-1 virus. Researchers believe that there are some elements in the root of geranium that strengthens human cells to prevent the entry of HIV-1 virus and strengthens the immune system.

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