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Women should not drink coffee during pregnancy may increase the risk of…

During pregnancy, it becomes very difficult for women to take care of their health. On the other hand, coffee is such a thing without which it is difficult for many people to live. But it is not safe for women to consume coffee during pregnancy. Consuming it during pregnancy can harm you in many ways. Let us know about its side effects from gynecologist and obstetrician Dr.

Talking to, Dr. Pranali said that when we talk about the consumption of coffee during pregnancy, the amount of caffeine depends on the type of coffee you are consuming. 1-2 cups of any kind of coffee a day is believed to be safe for a pregnant woman.

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The doctor system says that coffee actually contains caffeine, which is not safe to consume during pregnancy. Many experts around the world claim that the consumption of coffee increases the risk of miscarriage. That’s why most women recommend that green tea or herbal tea better than coffee will be good for them. In fact, the consumption of coffee can increase blood pressure. Along with this, caffeine can also have a bad effect on the growth of the baby in the womb.

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According to the doctor’s system, caffeine can also cause blood contamination, so it is better that you consult your nutritionist. At the same time, not only coffee but also avoid the consumption of things that contain caffeine, such as softdrinks. On the other hand, talking about the harm caused by coffee during pregnancy, it can cause respiratory problems. Apart from this, excessive thirst or dehydration, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and excessive sweating may occur.

At the same time, when we asked whether it is safe to consume decaffeinated coffee during pregnancy? So on this the doctor system says that the amount of caffeine is less in decaffeinated coffee than other types of coffee. One cup of it contains about 5 milligrams of caffeine. Hence it may be safe to consume during pregnancy; But do consult your doctor before consuming.

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Let us tell you that according to a research published in the National Library of Medicine, consuming 300 mg or less of caffeine a day is safe in pregnancy. However, do consult a doctor before consuming it during pregnancy.

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