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Woman Sees Her Own Heart On Display At Museum 16 Years After Transplant…

London: In London, a British woman reached the museum to see her removed heart. The woman’s heart was removed 16 years ago during a live-saving transplant surgery. Which is kept in the Hunterian Museum in London. After seeing her heart, this woman looked very excited.

According to media reports, after the surgery done 16 years ago, the woman’s heart has been taken out and kept in the Hunterian Museum for exhibition. It has been kept to motivate people to donate organs. British Female name is Jennifer Sutton and age is 38 years. Who looked very surprised and happy to see her heart in the museum after almost 16 years. During this, Jennifer hoped that this would help in promoting organ donation.

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Woman became emotional after seeing her heart

After returning from the museum, the British woman said, “It was absolutely unbelievable. I couldn’t believe walking inside that I was actually going to see something that used to be inside my heart.” Regarding her removed heart, Jennifer said, “It was a really wonderful experience, I met my friend. I got a chance to see him, because of which I lived for 22 years.

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This is how a woman came out of the mouth of death

According to the BBC report, Jennifer is now leading a very busy and active life. She will remain like this as much as possible in future also. According to the report, when Jennifer was 22 years old, she was suffering from restrictive cardiomyopathy. He used to feel tired while walking, doctors had told Jennifer in clear words that if heart transplant is not done then death can happen. In such a situation, she was very nervous. A match was found for her in June 2007 but she was scared of surgery.

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Mother died during surgery

Jennifer was even more scared because her mother had died during surgery in a similar way. Then Jennifer Matra was 13 years old. He said that after the transplant, I felt that this is my new birth. After this, he decided to keep his removed heart in the museum, where anyone can see his heart.

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