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Woman in US gives birth to baby girl in Mcdonald’s bathroom, names…

Child Delivery In Mcdonalds: A woman in America has given birth to a baby girl inside the bathroom of McDonald’s food outlet. The couple named their baby girl "little nugget" is kept. Nugget is a food item available in McDonald’s. The New York Post reported that a pregnant woman, Alessandria Worth, was being taken to the hospital by her fiancĂ© Deandre Phillips in Atlanta on November 23. On the way they stopped at McDonald’s for a bathroom break. 

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McDonald’s Food Outlet manager Tunisia Woodward was shocked when she entered the toilet. The manager said that Alandria Worth was crying in the bathroom because her water had broken. The manager told that, "She started saying that I am having labor pains. Somebody call my fiancee he’s out in the car." 

The baby girl has been named ‘Little Nugget’

One of the McDonald’s employees called 911 and another helped the woman. Phillips, the child’s father, said, "The McDonald’s women were helping with the delivery of her fiancee. I helped too. In the next 15 minutes the baby girl was born. Her name is Nandi Ariah Moremi Phillips and her nickname is "little nugget" Is placed." 

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Both mother and child are fine

According to the McDonald’s outlet, both mother and child are fine. Manager Woodward said that we are all mothers and that’s why we immediately helped the woman. At the same time, the owner of the franchise, Steve Akinborough, said that the staff members who helped the woman were given a $ 250 gift card. They said that, "We don’t just serve food. We try to serve feel-good moments every day and this was indeed a feel-good moment for my team."

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