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Why Your Periods Are Very Heavy Painful When To Meet Doctor Know From Expert

Women Health: Most of the women have to suffer unbearable pain during the periods that occur every month. The pain in the stomach, waist and thighs causes stiffness in the whole body. Although every woman experiences pain during periods, but in some women its pain is so much that they are forced to cry many times. From debilitating cramps to cramping, millions of women go through menstrual pain every month. But is it normal to have unbearable pain? Or is it a sign of a bigger physical problem?

A test from the National Health Service (NHS) can help tell why your periods are so heavy and painful and when you should see a doctor. Many questions have been asked in the test that how periods affect you. According to the report, 9 out of 10 women in the UK suffer from unbearable period pain every month. More than half of these women, ie 57 percent, say that periods affect their ability to work and make them feel very weak.

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What are the causes of painful periods?

Many women take period painkillers to get rid of the pain. However, they do not know that the use of these medicines can have serious effects on periods and can lead to many health risks. Endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are some of the most common causes of painful and difficult periods. Both the problems arise due to hormonal imbalance, which cannot be cured completely. However, the symptoms can definitely be reduced by various treatments.

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Gynecologist at King’s College Hospital, London, Dr. Sri Datta said that less than 80 ml of blood is released every month during periods. Periods full of difficulty, discomfort and difficulty can have a bad effect on the overall health and lifestyle of women, so it is necessary to keep monitoring.

things to keep in mind

1. Periods last for a maximum of 7 days. In some, it gets over within two or three days. If your periods continue for more than 7 days then you should immediately go to the doctor.

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2. Keep changing sanitary products every 1-2 hours. Always avoid using the same pad.

3. Even if the bleeding is excessive, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

4. It is not common to get large blood clots. So if you are seeing this problem then do not be negligent.

There are many reasons for heavy periods. These include medical problems such as polyps, fibroids in the womb, PSCOS and thyroid disorders or blood clotting disorders.

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