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Why Should Not Eat Non Veg In Rainy Season What Should Not Eat During…

Non Veg Foods In Rainy Season: The weather becomes pleasant after the rain. People do not know what to do to enjoy the weather. Some people eat their favorite food and some go out for a long drive on a bike soaking in the raindrops, but you need to be very careful in this weather. Diseases and infections spread the most in this season. A lot of care should be taken regarding food and drink in the rain. A little carelessness can make you sick. Digestion becomes weak in rain. Therefore, it is advisable to eat light and easily digestible food. Avoid eating non-veg especially in monsoon. It takes a long time to digest non-vegetarian food. Apart from this, there is a risk of getting infection most quickly by eating such food.

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Why should one not eat non-veg in the rain?
There is a religious reason not to eat non-veg in monsoon, that it is the month of Sawan Lord Shiva. In this month, people do worship and fasting. In such a situation, non-vegetarians stay away from eating. Now let’s talk about the scientific approach behind this, in which non-veg food is considered as a late-digesting and high protein food. Due to the weak digestive system in the rain, non-veg gets digested late and causes gas, heat, indigestion and other problems in the stomach.

Why is it dangerous to eat non-veg in the rain?
1- The danger of fungus- Moisture increases in monsoon, due to which the risk of fungal infections, mildew and fungus increases. Food items start spoiling quickly. There is a risk of infection, especially in non-veg.

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2- Weak Digestion- The effect of digestive fire gets reduced in rain. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to digest non-veg foods. Due to delayed digestion, the food starts to rot in the intestines. This increases the risk of food poisoning.

3- Animals get sick- Insects increase in rain and animals also start getting sick. In this season, many types of diseases spread in animals, due to which eating non-veg can harm you too.

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4- The fish gets polluted- In the rain, the dirt along with the water flows into the pond and then into the rivers. In such a situation, fish consume contaminated water and food. Eating fish should also be avoided during this season. This can make you sick.

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