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Why Is Rushdie Associated With Salman Rushdie’s Name Know Here

Salman Rushdie: Indian British writer Salman Rushdie is a world famous person. Who was born in India Mumbai (then Bombay). He is a Kashmiri Muslim. He grew up in Bombay and was educated here at the Cathedral of South Bombay and at the John Connon School. After moving from India to England, he graduated from Rugby School in Warwickshire and then King’s College, Cambridge, but do you know why Salman Rushdie’s name is associated with Rushdie? Do you know that he is named after the world’s biggest philosopher Ibn Rushd (Averroes)?

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Actually, Rushdie was linked with Ahmed Salman by his father Anees Ahmed Rushdie. This name Ibn Rashd is called Averroes in English, Averroes in Latin language. Its full name is Abu I-Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rusd. He was an Andalusian philosopher and thinker who wrote on many subjects, including philosophy, theology, medicine, astronomy, physics, Islamic jurisprudence and law, and linguistics. Salman Rushdie’s father had added Rushdie in his name and in his son’s name.

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stage attack in new york
Let us tell you that during an event in New York, America, a man attacked the English language writer Salman Rushdie with knives. Due to which he was seriously injured. At the same time, Salman Rushdie fell on the ground due to this sudden attack. He was taken to hospital in critical condition, where Salman Rushdie is undergoing treatment.

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