Why do Students look for Assignment help Online?

Why do Students look for Assignment help Online?
Written by Paresh Bramhane

In the era of developing technology, it has become a habit to less use your brain and more use your mobile phone or laptop. This technology has brought with itself both pros and cons. I remember when I was young, I used to play with my mum, my siblings and my friends and our activities were usually outdoor ones.

But today when I look around, it’s hard to find a child who engages in such activities. Rather, children put all their attention in the mobile phones and less to people around them.

It’s easier to find young generations pro in using mobiles than the elder ones, who are still in the process of learning how to use it. Thus, it is not a big deal when we say that most students these days look for online assignment help.

Remember, you are sitting in the classroom, trying to engage yourself in studies and understanding concepts and seeking help from the teacher when you are not able to understand anything. I guess we’ll not find such things in the students these days.

Rather I have seen people around me googling everything and getting their work done. Thus, Google comes to their rescue and not their elders.

But besides these negative reasons, there are some genuine reasons too for the students seeking help online for their assignments:

  1. Increasing competition day by day, burdens the children heavily. The constant race to be on the top, be it among the children or the elders, mentally pressurizes them thereby leading to less time and more work. The students are time and again told that they need to complete all their work in time if they have to be successful. In such a case, students are not able to figure out what to do and what not to do. This may lead to high degrees of stress among the students. Therefore, they seek online Homework help.
  2. In case you need help for your assignment from the library, you will have to sit for hours and hours and jot down points after researching a number of books. Search engines make a task easier and get us results in a few seconds. In this steady race to be above everyone else, students find the latter approach more feasible and time saving plus without leaving out any fact required in the assignment.
  3. Difficulty level of the assignments does not enable students to do the assignment with the help of their own knowledge. Teachers and professors today think that challenging a student would sharpen his mind and his critical and analytical ability. Therefore, they give difficult assignments to the students.
  4. For some time is money and for others money is everything. Hence, the students who have money but no time seek their assignment completion by paying online. And some companies work for this sole purpose and make profits. Also students these days want to enjoy their school and college life to the fullest and so they choose this path.
  5. Less importance to knowledge and more importance to grades results in students seeking assignment help online. They think that grades are going to benefit them in the long run, being ignorant to the fact that knowledge is what serves the purpose. If you have knowledge, you can ace any task at hand and grades are just a thing on paper. But since the school and college curriculum these days gives more weightage to grades, so do the students. 
  6. Unlimited access to information online has also resulted in students seeking online help for homework. You type a word in the search engine and you get thousands of results for the same. What better than that! Thus, students go online either to get content for their work or to hunt for someone who could do their assignment within the stipulated time. Thus, the internet has solved the problem of their homework.
  7. Students feel that the result produced by compiling their knowledge would be worse than the one that was compiled using data on the internet or by somebody whom they found online, to help them out. Since some students feel that the quality of education is degrading day by day and the only focus is on grades, they too show a laid back attitude towards the task at hand. Since these students want to impress their teachers with their work, they show off superficial knowledge in the form of these assignments.
  8. Lack of efforts on the part of students, to do actual research, brings them online to approach for assignment help. They want to do things in an easy manner without focusing on the knowledge they would have gained if they had worked genuinely for their project. 
  9. Easy availability of online sites that help students complete their assignment, or rather do it for them, also brings the students at their gate. These sites provide quality essays within the stipulated time and don’t even charge huge sums of money. Thus, they become more approachable to students.

After listing all these arguments one question that remains is whether the students are justified in using this way or not.

Whatever be the answer but one thing must always be kept in mind that knowledge cannot be bought or sold. It can only be passed on from one person to another but not resulting in its lack in the one passing it.

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