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White Onion Benefits In Hindi White Onion For Cancer Hair And Cough

White Onion Benefits For Hair: Onion not only makes the food tasty but it also helps in curing many diseases. There are many types of onions, but red onions are used in most homes. On the other hand, white onion is also very beneficial for the body. Vitamin C, iron, calcium and many essential elements are found in white onion. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Onion is used to keep the heart healthy, strengthen the immune system and keep many infections away. Let us know the benefits of white tea.

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1- Keep the infection away- Consumption of white onion keeps the infection away. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing the infection. White onion treats eye, nose and ear infections due to its antibiotic properties.
2- Protect from cancer- Onions are rich in anti-oxidants called anthocyanin and quercetin which protect against cancer. At the same time, sulfur and flavonoid anti-oxidants are found in white onion which help in fighting cancer.
3- Beneficial for respiratory patients- White onion is rich in anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. This reduces swelling. Drinking white onion juice and honey together acts as a cough syrup. Applying it on the chest helps in curing respiratory diseases.
4- Get relief from acidity- Eating white onion also provides relief in acidity. White onion is included in alkaline food which works to balance the acid in the body. People troubled by the problem of gas must consume it.
5- Make hair healthy- Onion is also used to apply on hair. By applying onion juice, hair breakage, graying or problems related to the scalp are removed. In such a situation, white onion is good for hair growth. Applying its juice on the head reduces the problem of hair fall.

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