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Which Yoga Is Best For Obesity Yoga For Overweight People Simple Yoga For…

Yoga For Overweight People: To lose weight, it is very important to create that passion in ourselves, many of us want to lose weight, for which we also do different diets, exercises, aerobics and yoga, but often people with fat body run There is difficulty in doing more yoga, so that they do not try to do anything else, cycling and walking are often advised to obese people, but if someone wants to keep himself fit while sitting at home, then this is for him. There are 3 yogas which will not be a problem at all to do, and you will soon be able to see the change in yourself by doing it.

1- Bedroom Operation- This easy is done in a lying position, this easy is just like cycling, the way a small child rides a bicycle with the legs of a lying position, in the same way you have to practice this asana, it will help the back and its lower parts. It gets stronger, and the bones are also very strong. The problem of constipation, acidity and gas is also not caused by the practice of sleeping foot operation. To do this, keep both the feet together in a line, keep both your arms on the side and palms on the ground, now bend the knee of the right leg and bring it near your chest, as well as your left leg up to 60 degrees from the ground. Keeping the knee straight, lift it in the air, now rotate both the legs like a bicycle pedal, do this asana 4 times for about 30 seconds

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2- Dhanurasana- This is a modern asana which not only reduces obesity, but also strengthens the arms and legs, in this asana there is a feeling of stretch on the stomach, this stretch makes the abdominal muscles flexible, by doing this asana continuously. The stomach becomes flexible and fat is reduced.

3- Utkatasana- Utkatasana is considered almost a text of yoga and the guru has considered a very important asana of yoga science, the specialty of this asana is that the yogi has to keep his body in the air while resisting the force of gravity, to do Utkatasana Not only does it require a lot of strength, but a lot of precautions have to be taken to do it, apart from this, there are many benefits of practicing Utkatasana, the hips, spine and chest muscles get a good stretch, the torso and lower back are strong, Legs, knee muscles, ankles and thigh muscles are toned, constant practice brings stability to the body, and the mind is strengthened, Utkatasana provides good massage to the internal organs, and it is also easy to do There is ease.

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