Saturday, December 3, 2022

Which virus of winter cold had taken 1,00,000… even before covid-19 in the world?

What age children are getting affected more?
According to research, more than 45,000 children in the age group of zero to six months died in 2019. One in five deaths due to RSV in the world occurs in this age group. Research co-author Harish Nair said that RSV is the main cause of respiratory illness in young children, and our immediate estimate is that children aged six months or less are more susceptible.

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Why are cases of infection increasing?
Nair is associated with the University of Edinburgh, UK. He said that especially when the cases of infection are increasing due to the relaxation of Kovid-19 restrictions around the world and children born in the last two years have not been exposed to RSV (in such a situation they have the disease against this virus. immunity is not developed).

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Which people can be vaccinated?
Researcher said that there are many vaccines for RSV and it is being decided who should be vaccinated on a priority basis. He said that pregnant women are also included in the priority groups so that newborn children can be protected from this.

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