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Wheat Procurement By Government Is Going To Bumper And Latest Data Is…

Wheat Procurement: In the matter of wheat procurement, this time there is going to be a good figure, such signs are visible. In fact, in the current rabi marketing season, the procurement of government wheat has increased by about 25 percent as compared to last year. Compared to last year’s rabi marketing season, this figure can be said to be good. This time it is a special thing that only the government’s procurement for the winter season will be as much as it was for the Rabi marketing season last year and this target can be achieved only by the end of this week.

171 lakh tonnes have been procured till Monday

Government figures show that this time a total of 171 lakh tonnes of wheat has been procured so far, which is the data till this Monday. Whereas last year the total purchase was only 188 lakh tonnes. In this way, it has become almost clear that this year the wheat procurement figure is going to be much better than last year.

Assurance of purchase of 300 lakh tonnes

Officials related to wheat procurement say that they are confident that by the end of the current marketing year, the total procurement of wheat will reach 300 lakh tonnes and this will have the effect that there will be enough grain availability for food security. Apart from this, if required, the availability of wheat can be considered for purchase in other markets as well.

More encouraging figures came from some states

Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala said on Monday that more than 54 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been procured in the state and farmers have been paid Rs 5,800 crore directly into their bank accounts. He said that Rs 9000 crore will be deposited in the accounts of farmers in the next two days. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the procurement of wheat was started from April 1 and so far 54 lakh metric tonnes have been procured and there is a possibility of buying 20 lakh metric tonnes more in the coming days. He said that the lifting of wheat from the marketing sites has been speeded up and more than 52 per cent lifting has been done.

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Why was there a shortage of wheat and wheat products last year?

If we talk about other than the government statistics, then the trend of last year, clearly the procurement of wheat by the government was not much and the farmers had sold more wheat in the open market. After the Russia-Ukraine war that broke out in February last year, a global crisis of wheat availability arose which lasted for a long time. Due to this, the government also took some strict decisions on the export of wheat and imposed some special restrictions on the export in between. The effect of global crisis of wheat was also seen on the country and the process of increase in its price started. As a result of this, the prices of wheat increased wildly in the country, due to which a lot of jump was seen in the prices of flour.

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Wheat production was less last year

Although the production of wheat in the country last year was also less as compared to the previous years and in the midst of the global crisis, a significant jump was seen in the demand for Indian wheat. Seeing this opportunity, the farmers had preferred to sell wheat in the open market instead of selling it in the government mandis.

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