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Useful Whatsapp Hidden Features Probably You Didn’t Know

Whatsapp Hidden features
Written by Altaf Shaikh

I guess you already know a lot of things about Whatsapp. Almost everyone has a smartphone and WhatsApp installed, it becomes an integral part of our modern lifestyle. But do we use WhatsApp to its full potential? There are many interesting  WhatsApp hidden features inbuilt which majority of its users may even don’t know.

Here we have put forward some of the  Whatsapp hidden features you can try out and may find it useful.

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Don’t want the sender to know about you’ve just read the message

Sometimes, you may dint want the sender to know that you’ve read his/her message and to do that

You need to turn on the flight mode on your phone and disconnect the data connections.

And then you can read all the text messages.

You’ll see that the blue ticks won’t appear and the sender will think that you haven’t read the messages.

Feel lazy to type message just say the word and your message will be converted into text.

To do that

  1. Go to WhatsApp and open the keyboard dashboard, at the right corner of your keypad you’ll see a mic icon.
  2. Click on the mic icon and just talk your message.
  3. Don’t be confused with the mic sign which is for recording voice, of course, you can record voice and send the voice message instead of using the text message much easier and faster.
  4. But for some reason who may don’t want to let other hear or recognize your voice. and that is when to do the texting faster you can use the inbuilt voice text converter.

Don’t want to let them know about your “last seen”

Last seen has been the most unavoidable feature that everyone wants to switch it off to avoid some annoying conversation and without feeling guilty.

This feature of Whatsapp is beneficial in one way or another is worst in some scenario, you can disable the “Last seen” status by simply following the few simple steps given below.

  1. Open your Whatsapp application and click on the menu, look at the top right corner of the screen 3 dotes aligned horizontally is the button for menu.
  2. Now as you click, a list will open and there you’ll need to go to the settings option.
  3. After that click on “Account” and then click on the “Privacy”
  4. Now you can see the “Last Seen” option given on top of the list, just click on it and select “Nobody” from the popup list.

Highlight text using the bold, Italic, Strikethrough and monospace function in Whatsapp Messages

To follow the general rules while writing a text message in Whatsapp is hard, and nobody is going to notice that in a text message, at least we are not writing the college paper there in WhatsApp message. However, there are some special cases and character which let us understand the message if we use properly.

And for example, if you want the reader to acknowledge certain word in a message you can use highlights to grab the attention while he/she reads your text message using Bold, italic, monospace and other stuff.

Here is how to do that in Whatsapp messenger.

  • Bold text, you have to put the asterisk on both sides of the text, i,e *text*
  • To Italicize the text you have to put underscores o,n both sides of the text, i,e _text_
  • To strikethrough the text you have to put the tilde on both sides of the text. i,e ~text~
  • Placing the three backticks on both sides of the text you can monospace the text. i,e “`text“`

You can also use the alternative method to achieve it

If you are on Android tap and hold the text you want to modify and you’ll see a three dots menu, click on that and select your desired option, you’ll find all the option there therefore bold, italicize, strikethrough and monospace.

And if you are on iOS devices you can tap and hold the text you’re typing > BIU > and choose among bold, italic and strikethrough.

So, these are some of the Whatsapp hidden feature and typing tricks you can try right away.

If you know any other hidden tricks and features which I haven’t mentioned here. Do let me know about it. Thanks for reading and if you liked the article share it with your friends so that they also know about it.

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