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FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version 2019 MOD[GB,YO,FM]

Written by Altaf Shaikh

Explore the great collection of GB WhatsApp MOD Apk, Yo WhatsApp Apk, And FM WhatsApp Apk. Download and Install the latest versions, as well as revert back to the older one. Learn Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks and hacks all in one place.

GB WhatsApp Apk Latest Version(7.0.210)

To install the GB WhatsApp Apk you have to make sure that your Smartphone must have the Android version of minimum 4.0 or above. GB WhatsApp doesn’t require rooting, hence it is absolutely safe. Below is the information for GB WhatsApp Apk.

Name:GB WhatsApp Apk Download
App Size:30 MB

Download GB WhatsApp Apk

If you are using WhatsApp for a while, then I guess you must have come to this point. When you want to disable some features for others but not for yourself. Like hiding view status, hiding second tick, hiding typing etc. For example, if I disable the last seen in the official WhatsApp. No one can see my last seen, and the same will go for me as well. I also won’t be able to see the last seen for others.

But, What if you can see the last seen of others but no one can see yours. Is it possible? Well, yes, my friend. With the help GB WhatsApp Mod App, we can achieve this. Not only that there are lots of more features which you can take advantage of.

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No Doubt WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging application in the world. More than billions of people are actively using WhatsApp every day. Since the innovation of dual sim in smartphones, demand for the dual WhatsApp account has been seen. Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp app doesn’t provide dual WhatsApp account with the same number. Neither you can install the dual WhatsApp in the same smartphone.

So, what is the solution for Dual WhatsApp account on the same smartphone?

Luckily, there is a 3rd party application named as  GB WhatsApp. By which you can use the two WhatsApp account in the same smartphone. Today you’ll discover how to download and install the GB WhatsApp in your smartphone.

Comparing the features and specification of WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. We have discovered that GB WhatsApp provides more features than the official WhatsApp application. Due to which the demand for the GB WhatsApp Apk has increased in recent years. But, if you already searched the GB WhatsApp in the official google play store, you have seen that there is no such app.

Yes, the app is banned in the play store. The reason is GB WhatsApp is not an official app, It is developed by a 3rd party, which doesn’t comply with the official  WhatsApp App. But you don’t have to worry, as GB WhatsApp is totally safe and secure.

What is GB WhatsApp?

As you already know GB WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp which let us use the two WhatsApp account in the same smartphone. Basically, GB WhatsApp does the same thing but it has some extended features that the original WhatsApp App doesn’t provide. If you want to enjoy the dual WhatsApp App in the same Android device, and much more amazing features then install the GB WhatsApp app, which is 100% safe and secure.

What Can We Do With GB WhatsApp?

Apart from all the features of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp has lots of more features which you won’t find in any other mods, you can pretty much change anything from themes to text fonts, colors, to notifications. Other than basic there is also core functionalist like securing chats privacy, DND(do not disturb), etc. Below we have put forward some of the best features which will induce you to download and use the GB WhatsApp App.

  • You can freeze the last seen which will enable you to see the others last seen but others won’t able to see your last seen, they will see only the time at which you have enabled the last seen.
  • Newly updated WhatsApp status has a feature which enables the uploader to see, who have viewed their status. If you don’t want anyone to know that you have viewed the status you can just enable the feature in OG WhatsApp Akp status setting.
  • In GB WhatsApp Apk you can disable the blue tick occurred whenever we read messages, this feature is awesome if you want to read the messages but don’t want the other person to know that you have read the messages.
  • For voice messages, you can disable the recording notification means when you record the audio and the other person won’t able to see that you are recording.
  • You can also hide the typing indicator for others.
  • If you want to stay always online, even if you close the app and go offline, then there is an option for fake online notification.
  • This one is great, let’s say if you want to wish someone in the morning tomorrow but won’t able to wake up early in that case you can set a scheduled text and that will do the job for you, isn’t it awesome.

So, these are some the best features of GB WhatsApp Apk which I find useful, of course, there are much more features which you’ll discover once you download and install the app and use it.

How Can I Install GB WhatsApp Apk?

To Install GB WhatsApp Apk in your smartphone, follow the step by step procedure given below. GB WhatsApp Apk is no different than any other apps that you install. You can install the GB WhatsApp messenger in your smartphone by following the same process as you do to install other apps. However, as GB WhatsApp Messenger is not officially released from google play store, you have to enable an option in your smartphone. To enable the option for installing apps from “unknown sources” follow the steps given below.

Enabling “Unknown Sources”

Step 1: Go to the settings of your smartphone and open the security options.

Step 2: Scroll down and look for the term “Unknown sources”, tap on the enable toggle and click ok to confirm. That’s it, now you are ready to install the GB WhatsApp Messenger In your smartphone.

Installing “GB WhatsApp Apk”

First of all, Download the GB WhatsApp Apk Latest version from here, and then click on the installed Apk file to initiate installation.

Once the app is installed, open the GB WhatsApp. Click agree and continue.

After that, you’ll see a screen similar to the picture given below. Here, you have to choose the country and input the mobile number and click on the go button.

After that, GB WhatsApp Messenger will send an OTP in your mobile number and verify it automatically.

Once the GB WhatsApp App is verified, you’ll be ready to use the GB WhatsApp Chat and messenger.

How To Update GBWhatsApp Messenger?

As you already know that GB WhatsApp Apk is not available in the Play store. You won’t find the option to update the GB WhatsApp Messenger from Playstore. Instead, you have to download the GB WhatsApp Apk latest Version from the Internet. And then follow the steps given below,

At first, download the GB WhatsApp Apk Latest Version from here, in your smartphone. After that, you have to uninstall the already installed GB WhatsApp App from your device.

Now, locate the Latest GB WhatsApp Apk File you’ve just downloaded and Install it by following the step by step method which is given in the upper section of this page.

FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version Apk[MOD App]

Recently it has been seen that WhatsApp has started to band Modified WhatsApp Messenger aggressively. Which it turns, caused problems to lots of people who are using GB WhatsApp apps. There are more than millions of users of Mod WhatsApp apps. It can’t be just done like this. That’s why developers figured out a way to anti-ban the Mod WhatsApp Apk. This version of the Mod app is known as FM WhatsApp, which is an anti-ban WhatsApp Mod app,  Just don’t forget to update your version FM WhatsApp once in a while so that you don’t get banned.

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FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version Apk

This updated version of FM WhatsApp Apk has lots of things improved and new features are added.

Version Name:6.502.20
App Size:28 Mb
Required Android:4.0+
App Name:FM WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp Apk Download

No doubt people are liking these Modified applications of WhatsApp, which comes with lots of features that we don’t really get in official WhatsApp. Other then FM WhatsApp you’ll find there are two more WhatsApp mods trending right now, GB WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp. All of the modded apps are almost similar. You’ll only find some minor changes in the features. I have provided detailed information about its features at the bottom sections which will help you to evaluate it.

Before that let us grab some idea about what this is? If you came to know about this for the first time.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp Application, which comes with some extra customization features. You can do lots of amazing things with this app, like hiding blue tick, changing the theme, last seen, hiding double ticks and many more. Unlike WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp is not a cross-platform application which means it is only available for the Android platform. Other than that, this app allows you to do lots of things which can not be done with Official WhatsApp.

What are the advantages of using FM WhatsApp App?

There are lot’s of advantages of using FM WhatsApp App and it totally depends upon the individuals. But, here I’ll share some of the advantages that I have experienced using this amazing application. First, things is that you won’t get banned. I am using this app for almost 2 months and I never get banned for once. Whereas, other mods are quickly get banned as soon as it comes online.

Features Of FM WhatsApp

Of course, features is the most important factor for all of these modded apps or else it wouldn’t be fun to use these apps if we get the same things like the one we can get from official apps. So as FM WhatsApp is loaded with lots of amazing features which makes it pretty useful and fun to play around. You can look at some of the best features of this version of WhatsApp mod app which might be the factor for you to try this app for once.

The foremost interesting thing is that you can customize its themes and change the background green color. It’s been years to see the same boring screen of Whatsapp which now can be changed with this amazing Mod app.

There are thousands of themes available in the database, lots of options to choose from not only that you’ll get new theme updates every week.

In terms of privacy, this app is an awesome choice for you. Fm WhatsApp lets you hide the last seen status, stop video calling service, lock the entire app and many more.

One of the unique features that this app provides is that you have full control over who can text you.

Organizing group chats became easier. Now you can change the color of groups which makes easier to distinguish the groups.

Usually, you can pin up to 3 chats with the official WhatsApp but with FM WhatsApp you can pin 100 of chats.

If you are looking for a medium to connect with a large volume of people at once, then this app is the right platform for you. Send files or text messages up to 500 people at once.

How do I Install FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp doesn’t require any special tricks to install. It is the same app like WhatsApp which runs on Android engine. And follows the same method to Install. It is very easy to Install the app, Just follow the step by step tutorial given below.

Before you can install the app, you need to download the Fm WhatsApp Apk file from the provided link in the above section.

As it’s a mod app you have to change your security setting to successfully install the app. Don’t worry this app is not harmful to your device. To unlock the installation go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources. and enable it.

Now go to your download folder and look for the FM WhatsApp apk file that you’ve just downloaded.

Open the file and click next, to open the installation screen, there click on the install option located at the bottom right corner of your device viewing window.

That’s it, the installation has completed. Open the app and follow the given instructions in the app to verify your number.

So, I hope you find this post useful if you find any difficulties or suggest anything related to this post, comment below. I will very much appreciate it and try to answer your queries as fast as possible. And another last thing if you get banned for a period of time make sure to update the app so that you got the updated core files which will solve this issue. Thank you.

Yo WhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version[2019]

There are three popular WhatsApp MOD available right now, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp is a different version of WhatsApp MOD, which has some extra features than other MODs. Of course, the basic function of all the MODs are same, but there are certain features in each of the WhatsApp MOD’s which makes them separate.

We are actively searching and looking for latest versions of all the WhatsApp MOD’s over the internet and list it in this website for download. If you are looking for the latest Yo WhatsApp Download it from here. Of course, there are many websites out there but not all the sites owner update their website regularly as we do. It is very important to update apps so that it won’t stop running or cause any bugs or issues.

The developers continually improve their app in every update for it, and as you know the modified apps aren’t allowed in the Play Store. So, the automatic update of apps won’t work for the Yo WhatsApp App. That’s why you have to download the latest updated version of Yo WhatsApp Apk file and reinstall it in your device.

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Yo WhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version

This updated version of Yo WhatsApp Apk has lots of things improved and new features are added.

Version Name:6.502.20
App Size:28 Mb
Required Android:4.0+
App Name:Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp Apk Download link

What Features Will I Get In Yo WhatsApp App?

Yo WhatsApp is loaded with lots of amazing features which you won’t get in booring official WhatsApp. If I were to write all the benefits and features of Yo WhatsApp here, the post will becaome too long. I wan’t you to experince the amazing features of this app and enjoy it. Although, there are uncountable features, I have highlighted some of the best ones for which you’ll want to try this app for atleast once.

Newly added features:

  • Now you can simply reply messages by swiping your finger on the screen, without needing to locate the text box and touching there. Just put your finger anywhere on the screen and swipe left or right to open the text box.
  • Based upon the latest WhatsApp update, the developer has upadated the Yo WhatsApp and enabled the group video calling feature.
  • Have you ever notice that there is a bend arrow sign whenever you forward someones messages to other, which I sometime don’t want to show. Just the case in Yo WhatsApp Messenger you can disable the forward arrow sign.

Other Best Yo WhatsApp Features:

  • In Yo WhatsApp you no longer have to tap and hold the record button to record voice messages. Now just tap the record button and swipe up to keep on recording your voice messages.
  •  Harassment call blocker comes inbuilt in every smartphone but it won’t work in WhatsApp calls. So, Yo WhatsApp has included its own call blocker for WhatsApp calls, you can block or allow individual numbers who can call you and who can not.
  • This Mod app gives you ability to set wallpapers on chat screen as well as on home screens.
  • One of the best features of using modded WhatsApp is that options to change the themes. If you are bored of same layout in WhatsApp, simply use this app  likand customize the way you want it to look. Great options for customization makes it entertaining and unique, you’ll get new themes in every update, so it’s like unlimited options for themes.
  • Hiding several aspects of WhatsApp is one of the most craze features we can see around people accross the world. With Yo WhatsApp privacy features you can hide your online status, double tick, blue tick, recording status and many more.
  • Sharing multimedia thorugh WhatsApp is one of the most important thing to take consideration, as there is a limit to how much you can send through WhatsApp, here with this Modified WhatsApp App you can able to send upto 700 Mb of files in one go.
  • There is another interesting feature which is called as DND(Do not disturb), if don’t to get any messages you can cut of the internet access to the Yo WhatsApp app by activating the DND and you won’t get any messages until you  deactivate it again.

How Do I Install the Yo WhatsApp App In My Device?

It is extreamely easy to install the app in your device. The only thing you need to do extra is that you have to locate the Apk file once it is downlaod in your device.

[wpsm_update date=”2019.05.14″ label=”Update”]Make sure to give permission to the “Unknown Sources” in your device to successfully install the Yo WhatsApp app. All the android device has the same location for activating “Unknown Sources”. Just got to the settings of your device and open the security option, there scroll and locate the “Unknown Sources” and enable it. [/wpsm_update]

Once you allow installation from unknown sourcess, and downloaded the Apk file. Follow the Instructions given below.

Go to your download folder and locate the Yo WhatsApp Apk File.

Open the file and click install.

Once the installtion is complete you’ll see a window like this. Click on the Agree and Accept Button.

Now you have to select your country and put your phone number with which you want to access the WhatsApp.

As soon as you put your number and click next, it will send a OTP ( One time password) in your number. You need to put the One time password in the given field to verify.

Once the number is verified, It’ll be ready.

Yo WhatsApp App is the latest version of Modded WhatsApp Apps, so there are brand new features you’ll get. As you may have seen recently WhatsApp started to band Modded WhatsApp apps, due to the fact that it violates WhatsApp policies. So, in this new update Yo WhatsApp tweaks some of its core files so that you can use the app wihtout getting banned. How do you like the Yo WhatsApp latest version. let us know in the comment section below. Thank you.

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