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To keep the body healthy, it is very important to keep the liver healthy. Whether it is to digest food or to manufacture glucose and protein, all this work is done by the liver. But if the liver itself is not healthy then all the problems arise. Fatty liver is the most common of all liver diseases.

Dr. VK Mishra of Gastro Liver Hospital, Kanpur says, ‘If all the population of the world, if they get a general ultrasound done, then 25% of the population is sure to get fatty liver. They say that the problem of fatty liver is so much that even if the patients of diabetes and arthritis are mixed, the figure of fatty liver will be more than these.

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What is Fatty Liver? In common language, the accumulation of excess fat in the liver is called fatty liver. If the weight of fat is 5 percent or more than the liver, then it is still called fatty liver. There are two types of fatty liver.

There are two stages of fatty liver: First- which is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, it is called alcoholic fatty liver. Secondly, that fatty liver, which is not caused by alcohol, is called non-alcoholic fatty liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver contains fat inside the liver but does not cause much damage. But there can be problems in later stages.

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Steato hepatitis is the second stage in non-alcoholics. If this is not taken care of at this time, then it can be difficult. As a result, there is a risk of getting cirrhosis which is the third stage. In which the liver shrinks and becomes tight. The working capacity of the liver becomes negligible. If left untreated, cirrhosis can lead to liver cancer.

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Who is most at risk of fatty liver? According to experts, those who are overweight have a fear of having fatty liver. Apart from this, patients with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes patients, are at risk of fatty liver. Hepatitis C and high cholesterol also increase the chances of getting fatty liver.

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