What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Different studies have shown that there might be more phones than people in the world today. The mobile phone is the most efficient mode of communication in the world. Since the first mobile phone was launched, technology has advanced immensely. Even with technology, SMS is one of the common features in all phones.

Bulk SMS is an application–to–person message service. In simpler terms, bulk SMS marketing is when companies send a targeted group of people a message for marketing their products and services. The message can be anything from a call to action to a text about scheduled maintenance.

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Why Use SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a powerful tool when you are looking to reach a wide market. If utilized well, the platform is well equipped to help you reach your maximum potential through:

  • Reach your global target audience: SMS marketing gives you a chance to engage with your global and local audience at a cost-friendly price.
  • Engage your audience within seconds: The message you send is received within seconds. The user engages with your text message almost immediately. Unlike other marketing channels, your SMS will not be lost in the inbox. Many people hate having unread text messages.
  • Caters for all business sizes: Bulk SMS marketing can be used by any business no matter the size or industry. A travel company or an eatery can send bulk SMS to their audiences.
  • Guaranteed delivery: If you use other modes of marketing, your message might not reach the intended user. If the users’ phone is off, the message will still reach the user after the phone is back on. This is why it is one of the most effective marketing tools to use.
  • Bulk SMS works well if other channels are integrated: bulk SMS works well with other channels of marketing like email marketing. It is very easy for an email to never get to the intended person. However, if you sync your Bulk SMS with emails, you can alert the intended user that they have an email through SMS. CDYNE Corporation is an example of a company that offers all these services.

Note that before you send any text to anyone, they have to give you consent and agree to opt-in to receive text messages from you.

What Businesses Can Use mass SMS Marketing?

Mass SMS service can be used by almost any business depending on the purposes. You can combine application-to-person SMS for any use. For example, if you want to alert your customers that your platform has been updated and bugs fixed, you can use bulk SMS. A bank can alert its customers that they are opening for a few hours during a holiday.

Hospitals can remind their patients to pick up their dosages or go for check-ups through ban SMS. Any business that communicates through their database can use the power of bulk SMS to promote their businesses and products. Therefore eCommerce companies, banks, travel companies, schools, tech companies, or any company can use bulk SMS to reach their clients.

This mode of communication is effective because all you need is a phone with an active SIM Card to receive texts.

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