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What Is Breast Feeding Week Benefits Of Breast Feeding For Mom Advantage Of…

Benefits Of Breast Feeding For Mother: The mother who feeds the baby, not only strengthens the immunity of her child, but also protects herself from many major diseases. Not only this, the mother also releases happy hormones during breast feeding, which makes her feel better mentally. Breast feeding is the most emotional and healthy activity between mother and baby, which has only benefits. Know what are the benefits of a mother who breastfeeds her child.

Breast Feed for Happy Hormone- Actually, during breast feeding, Prolactin hormone is released, which comes under the category of happy hormone. There is a relaxation feeling from the Prolactin hormone and there is a nurturing sensation. Oxytocin hormone is also released in breast feeding, which increases the sense of love between the baby and the mother and forms a strong bond.

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Best for weight loss After having a child, a lady worries the most about losing weight. Breast feeding is the first step if you want to reduce the increased weight of 10-15 kg during pregnancy. Feeding burns more calories and reduces weight.

Reduced risk of cancer It has been proved in many researches that women who feed breast to babies have less chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer. Apart from this, breast feed also protects against diabetes, BP and heart related diseases.

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Relaxation in post partum bleeding Breast feeding also provides relief in post partum bleeding. The bleeding that occurs for several months after having a baby, it reduces by feeding. Also, if the child is kept on breast feed full time, then the periods are also less during that time.

Oxytocin hormone release- Oxytocin hormone is released during breast feeding which helps in bringing the enlarged uterus back to normal shape. Along with this, there is less contraction in the normal shape of the uterus during this time, due to which blood loss is also reduced.

Save from post partum depression After having a baby, many women have post partum depression (PPD) and research suggests that if she feeds the child, then there is a reduction in depression. The bonding of mother and child becomes good and it brings positivity

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Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.
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