What Happens When We Quite Smoking?

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Ever wonder what will happen to your body if you stop smoking, you might be smoking cigarettes for a while and want to stop smoking, some of you might be in the process and curious about what are the side effects and benefits of giving up smoking. Here we have pointed out the things that your body and mind will go through once you are in the process of stop smoking.

Human body has the amazing ability to heal itself, to recover from the damages of smoking might varies from the person to person, it depends on the amount of smoking that smoker used to smoke. The process of healing began within less than an hour you put out the last cigarette. The most difficult part while quitting smoking is the cravings, especially in the first few weeks. But if you manage to handle the cravings you are more likely to succeed.

After 20 minutes of your last cigarette

Within 20 minutes of your last cigarettes, your body is already started the healing process, the carbon mono oxide level in your body started to drop to normal, your blood pressure is starting to drop back to normal, your hands and feet are getting warmer and back to its usual temperature.

After the 8 hours of your last cigarette

After the 8 hours of your last cigarette, the chemical substances like carbon monoxide, nicotine and many other harmful chemicals in the blood will start to drop, giving the room for oxygen level. At the same time, the cravings for nicotine also increases, however, the cravings may not last for more than 5-6  minutes. It is better to make a craving list like chewing gum, sipping of water etc to control the cravings.

After 12 hours of your last cigarette

After 12 hours of your last cigarette everything in your blood is now back to normal, i,e carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in your blood is now normal. your heart will started to feel good.

After 24 hours of your last cigarette

If you were chain smoker and used to smoke a pack a day, you’re likely to have a heart attack twice then any non smoker, but staying 24 hours without smoking lowered your chances and that’s the win win.

After 48 hours of your last cigarette

This is the hardest part of your overall mission, with 2 days of not smoking you’re likely to start excreting the tar and other gung materials from your lungs, along with coughing mucus, your body will be nicotine free within the period of 48 hours and all your taste glands will start to repair as the nerve endings.

Along with the wear and tear your body will show the toughest symptoms in this period and you might likely to show up the dizzyness, hungry, or tiredness, you also might get headaches, and feel bored or depressed, its hard and the most toughest time but its normal.
Stick to your plan go out to movies or hangout with your nonsmoker friends who’ll likely to motivate you for the goal you’ve setup.

After 3 days of your last ciggerate

After three days of your last ciggerate you’ll feel more energetic and easy to breath, your lungs is already started to repair itself and faster then before and it will keep getting better over the course of time.

If you can stay for 3 days without smoking you’ll feel a whole lot healthier and even if cravings persist, control yourself or else all your efforts will go on waste.

3 weeks to 3 months

You’ve already left smoking and the chances of cancer, heart attack and other diseases caused by smoking is dropped to 0.0001%. Now you are already started to feel like a normal person, you can go for heavy exercises, run and play football.

You’ve made it through the hardest part of withdrawal. Even so you’ll get cravings time to time, you have no control over that and can’t stop but you can stick to your plan and continue to fight for the betterment of your future and have a good and healthy life.