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What are the first signs of being diabetic Blood Sugar Know…

When the amount of glucose in the blood increases, it can lead to diabetes. Diabetes is a very dangerous disease that the whole world is battling. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 422 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes and every year 1.5 million people die due to it. Now the question is, how can this disease be prevented from happening? Or how to know that diabetes is going to happen.

Usually, when people are diagnosed with diabetes, there are very mild symptoms that no one usually notices. But if it is controlled from the early symptoms, then the risk of diabetes can be avoided. Let us know what are the early symptoms of diabetes.

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Fatigue and increased appetite: When you feel very hungry and also feel tired, then these can be the beginning symptoms of diabetes. Actually, when food enters the body, glucose is made from it and glucose makes energy in the cells. We get strength from this energy.

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But cells can take up glucose only when they have enough insulin. When insulin is not enough, this glucose will not be converted into energy. That is, glucose or sugar will be saved in the cells without spending it, then energy will not be made. It will not take power. Due to lack of energy, hunger will also feel more.

Frequent urination: Normally a person urinates four to seven times in 24 hours, but this number increases when diabetes is about to happen. Apart from this, thirst will also feel more. When diabetes occurs, the amount of sugar increases, which the kidneys cannot remove completely. Due to this, more urine starts forming, when more urine comes out, then thirst will also feel more.

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Dry mouth, itching Early symptoms of diabetes Dry mouth and itchy skin are also early symptoms of diabetes. Due to the excessive production of urine, body fluids start being wasted, due to which the mouth starts drying. Due to this, there is a lack of water in the skin and dryness and itching increases in the skin.

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Loss of eyesight: Changes in the level of fluids in the body also affect the eyes. Due to this the eyes start to swell and it becomes difficult to see anything.

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