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West Should Treat Russia And Belarus With Respect Says Russian President…

Vladimir Putin News: Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again issued a statement regarding Western countries. He says that Russia and Belarus are countries that are ready to work with the West, but only if there is mutual respect. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has also agreed to this.

Alexander Lukashenko said that he believes that the future of the West lies with Russia. Russia has everything they (the West) need. At the same time, the West also has the things needed by Russia and Belarus. He said what else do they want? They just need to take responsible decisions.

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‘West must be treated with respect’

To this Putin also agreed with his point of view and insisted that the West should “treat us with respect”. He had earlier said in his statement that the West was essentially waging a war against Moscow, which would weaken Russia. The aim of the western countries is to unite and destroy Russia.

Have already given warnings to western countries

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Along with this, Putin had issued an order for Partial Military Mobilization. He had said that now 3,00,000 reserve soldiers will be deployed in the country. His warning came amid tensions from Western countries. He said that the West has crossed the border. The West is trying to weaken, divide and destroy Russia.

Not only this, Putin had threatened Western countries including America and said that the warning of nuclear attack should not be taken lightly. He said that the atomic warning is not a drama. If there is a threat to Russia, then the atom will not back down from attacking. US President Joe Biden hit back at Putin, accusing him of making irresponsible nuclear threats to use nuclear weapons.

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