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Food Before Gym Workout: Many times, while exercising for hours in the gym, there is a strong hunger. In such a situation, before going to the gym, you should go to the gym after eating something. By doing this you will not feel tired during the workout. Exercising in the gym on an empty stomach causes a lack of energy in the body. For this it is important that you take a high protein diet before going to the gym. This keeps the energy level good during workouts. Yes, also keep in mind that before going to the gym, do not eat anything too full. This can lead to complaints of abdominal pain. Let us know what you should eat before going to the gym.

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1- Almond- You can eat 1 handful of almonds before going to the gym. This will keep energy in the body. After eating almonds, one does not feel hungry for a long time. Due to this the body gets vitamin E, potassium, fiber and calcium. Almonds are also low in calories.

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2- Banana and apple- You can eat any fruit before going to the gym. If you want, you can eat 1 banana. Bananas contain potassium, which prevents muscle strain during exercise. By eating banana, energy remains in the body for a long time. You can also eat 1 apple.

3- Brown Bread- If you feel a little more hungry before going to the gym, then you can also eat a veggie sandwich made of brown bread. Due to this the body gets protein and carbohydrates. You feel energized during workouts.

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4- Egg- Eggs rich in protein are best to eat before a workout. You can eat 2-3 boiled eggs. Try to eat only the white part of the egg. This will give you a lot of energy and you will not feel hungry for a long time.

5- Yogurt and berries- If you like curd, then before workout you can eat 1 bowl of curd and a handful of favorite berries. This will nourish the body and there will be no tension in the muscles. These are healthy snacks to eat before exercise.

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