Ways to Express Love to Your Dad on Father’s Day

Ways to Express Love to Your Dad on Father’s Day
Written by Paresh Bramhane

A Father is a forever treasure that anyone can own. He is your first superhero, your ATM, your partner in crime, and sometimes your secret keeper too! He is the one who fulfills all your wishes before you say them. Just like a mother, Father may not express his feelings for their kids, but he has a lot more love stored for his kids than anyone else in the world, and sometimes as kids, you fail to express your love to him. This Father’s day which is on June 20th 2021, let him know how much you love him with some thoughtful gestures. Below given are the ways to express love to your loving fathers on Fathers’s day.

Pen down your thoughts

Handwritten notes are the best when it comes to expressing deep feelings. On Father’s day, take a notepad and pen down your feelings for him. Let him know how lucky you are to have him in your life. Let him know how much you love him. Express everything you feel about him and keep it under his pillow. He will love to read your letter, and we bet he will have tears of joy in his eyes.

Personalised Gift

When it comes to expressing thoughts to your special ones, personalised gifts always work. They are the best example of gifts. This Father’s day, express your feelings to your dad by gifting him a personalised gift. Be it a photo mug, a customised lamp, cushion, engraved passport, or a keychain, etc. 

Father’s Day cake

Any occasion or celebration is incomplete without a cake. Celebrate the special day with a cake cutting ceremony and order a delicious cake online specially designed for your dad. This sweet gesture is another way of expressing your love to him. If your dad is in another city and you are missing him, you can send a cake via online cake delivery in Patna or wherever he resides. 

Cook His Favorite Meal

Another amazing way to express your love for him on his special day is to cook his special meal. Anything cooked by you will make him extra happy.

Personalised Video Message

This Father’s Day, express your love to him with a personalised video message. Make a nice collage of his pictures and include his favorite song in the background. One of the best ways to let him know you love him. 

Take Advice From Him

As we grow up, we become so independent that we stop taking our elder’s advice. On Father’s day, take some time out and talk about things with your dad that you feel he has more knowledge about. Take advice from him and make him feel wanted and important. Nothing will make him feel loved, trust us.

Go Shopping with Him

Going shopping with him is not just about shopping; it is about spending time together and getting to know about each other’s choices. It’s another way of showing love to him.

Watch his Favorite Show Together

This Father’s day binge-watch together! Do nothing, order food online if you don’t want to cook at home, and bond over his favorite show. We know it’s hard to watch your dad’s favorite show, but nothing will make him feel loved and special that you are making efforts. 

Take Selfies

Many of us don’t click pictures with our dad and mom. There is nothing embarrassing about it. This Father’s day, click a selfie with your dad, make it your display pic with a special message, and let him know how much you love him.

Singer on Call

It’s Father’s day! Why not make it special and memorable for him? We bring you a digital way to let your Father know how much you love him. Websites offer services like singers on a call where a singer calls as per request and sings a song for the person you wish to dedicate a song to. So, dedicate a song to your Father that expresses your feelings for him. 

So, these were some ways to express your heartfelt feelings to your dad on Father’s day. Make sure you make this day the happiest and memorable for him. Happy gifting! Happy Father’s Day!

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