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Watch Video A Hungry Bear In US Connecticut Spooks Staff And Eat Yummy…

US Connecticut News: Do you know that Bear also likes to eat human food. If you don’t believe then watch a video today. A bear entered a bakery in the US state of Connecticut, where it scared the employees and ambushed it and took away a box of special cakes. After that the bear ate about 60 cupcakes, some in the box also fell on the road.

This entire incident was captured in the camera. According to the news agency Associated Press, the incident is from the city of Avon, where employees of Test By Spellbound were loading cakes into a van for delivery on Wednesday when they saw a bear coming. The bear growled at them, they cowered in fear. The bear then dragged the cupcake container out of the garage and into the parking lot.

the staff was tied
In this video you can see how the bear is coming out of the bakery carrying a box of cupcakes. Several cupcakes fall down, so he starts eating them. After this incident, the owner of the bakery, Mary Stephens, told people on Instagram. Mary wrote that she heard employee Maureen Williams yelling “screaming bloody murder.” Employees were yelling that a bear had entered the garage.

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Mary wrote that Maureen Williams ran into the kitchen, closed the door leading to the loading area, and hid there. And, the bear then went towards a fridge in front of the door.

He was chased away by honking the car horn
Mary wrote, “We were all stunned for a second and were trying to figure out what to do. After a while I immediately called 911. We saw the bear taking our cupcakes like a madman.” Started eating.,” Maureen Williams said that later a baker drove the bear away by honking a car horn. After that the police and forest officials arrived, by then the bear had left. The good thing was that no one was hurt in this incident.

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There are more than 1 thousand bears here
According to news agency AP, hundreds of black bears were seen last year in the towns and cities of Connecticut State. It is believed that 1,000 to 1,200 black bears live there.

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