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Unhealthy Food: Since the arrival of Kovid, most people while eating food take care that they eat healthy food. But even after this, they often become ill or many health-related problems persist. This happens because the intention of eating all the healthy food is good, but unknowingly people do such things, due to which the body does not get the full benefit of these edibles. Here we are telling you about three such food and the mistake that happens after eating them.

Curd: Right now the rainy season is going on and according to Ayurveda, milk and curd should not be consumed in this season. But you can consume it in the rest of the season. Yes, keep in mind that after eating curd, you do not have to take any beverage. Especially it should not be warm water or any hot drink.

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After eating honey: There is hardly any person in the world, who says that he does not like to eat honey. Most people eat honey. Nowadays, it is quite a trend to drink lemon and honey mixed with warm water in the morning as a weight loss drink. But honey should never be consumed with hot water and never drink hot water after eating honey.

Alcohol consumption: In fact, it is not a healthy thing to drink alcohol every day and be addicted to it. But it is also used in making many medicines. If it is consumed in limited quantity then it does not harm the body. Always keep in mind that after drinking alcohol, one should never drink any other drink. Especially not any hot drink at all.

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Why not do this?
Drinking hot water or any other hot drink after eating curd can cause food poisoning, digestion can get worse. Whereas the consumption of hot water after honey or hot water with honey act like slow poison for the body. That is, instead of benefiting the body, there is loss. Whereas after taking any hot thing after alcohol, there is a problem of vomiting.

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Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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