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Nutrition For Women Health: With ageing, the body needs more vitamins and minerals. Especially after 40 years in the body of women, there is a shortage of many nutrients. The major reason for this is the carelessness and physical changes taken in the food and drink of women. Due to having children and many changes in hormones, women start getting surrounded by diseases early. Let us know which vitamins must be consumed by women after the age of 40.

Vitamin For Women Health

1- Vitamin D- With increasing age, women start getting troubled by problems related to bones. In such a situation, women must take a diet rich in vitamin D and calcium. This will give you relief in joint pain and back pain. Make things like milk, cheese, mushrooms, soy, butter, oatmeal, fatty fish, eggs a part of the diet.

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2- Vitamin C- Women are a little careless about eating and drinking, due to which immunity becomes weak. You must take a diet rich in Vitamin C in the diet after 40 years. For this, eat things like lemon, orange, green vegetables and amla.

3- Vitamin E- Growing age is sometimes reflected in the face of women too. In such a situation, women should consume things rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E will keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. This will also remove the problem of wrinkles, blemishes. For vitamin E, you eat almonds, peanuts, butter and spinach.

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4- Vitamin A- Women have to go through menopause in 40-45 years. In such a situation, hormonal changes also come. Sometimes its effect is also visible on your health. At such times, women should take a diet rich in vitamin A. For vitamin A, you can eat carrots, papaya, pumpkin seeds and spinach.

5- Vitamin B- Women must take a diet rich in Vitamin B in their growing age. This keeps your mental health good. Vitamin B9 is very important for women during pregnancy. For this, you can include things like beans, grains, yeast in the diet.

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