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Vitamin B12 For Health Vitamin B-12 Deficincy Symptoms In Body Disease Of…

Vitamins For Health: Nowadays it is most important to keep the body fit. The effect of food and drink is on our health. In such a situation, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body is getting maximum. Of course, vitamins also include vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can also lead to many dangerous diseases. Due to this the nervous system and brain are badly affected. When vitamin B-12 is low, red blood cells start decreasing and the risk of amnesia increases. When vitamin B-12 starts decreasing in the body, which feels like fatigue, weakness, lethargy and depression. There seems to be a decrease in energy. Apart from this, these symptoms are felt.

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Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

1- Yellowing of the skin
2- Rash or reddening of tongue
3- The problem of blisters in the mouth
4- Decreased eyesight
5- Depression, weakness and lethargy
6- shortness of breath
7- Headache and ringing in the ears
8- Loss of appetite

Vitamin B-12 deficiency diseases

1- Deficiency of vitamin B-12 has a great effect on the brain. This increases the risk of dementia in old age.
2- If vitamin B-12 is low, the risk of getting physical and many types of mental diseases also increases.
3- In such a situation, anemia, anemia and hemoglobin also start decreasing.
4- The problem of bone pain increases when vitamin B-12 is low. Apart from this, there is pain in the waist and back.
5- The entire nervous system is also badly affected when vitamin B12 is low. When blood does not reach every part of the body, then many life-time diseases can also occur.

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